Aug. 20th, 2015

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Who: Alicia and YOU!
What: Alicia joins a team and random events around campus
Where: All over the Place
When: Backdated to August 14th to the end of the month
Warnings: None yet
Notes: Most posts will be open but there will be a closed one with the Guardian Dragons

Sometimes you run, sometimes you bake )
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 Who: Joss, Greg, and anyone who wants to be associated with team heroic angel rescue. 
What: Joss meets with Greg to discuss being a part of his they can chat I guess. 
Where: In the gym...because!
When: 08/20
Warning(s): None. 

Joss  had her left thumb toe on the balance beam, her pet Robot floating nearby.  Her yoga pants, and sports bra were soaked with sweat, as she was concluding a rigorous workout,  She brought her right leg up to her chin her foot just above her head. She took a deep breath, and then another, for she was about to do something dangerous, but she needed to know if she could do it.  She rested her left foot, pressed down, and with a push thrusted upwards.  

She did a barrel roll in the air, and her light feet landed on the balance beam with barely a sound. She stood still,  breath a sight of relief and smiled. "I did it." She said to her robot.  The then dropped down on her hands and lowered her buttocks on to the beam.  

"Wish someone saw that." She held out her arm, and the robot extended it's wired, hydraulic, arm to give hand her a towel. 

"I better be gettin changed. Mr Deegan's gonna comin soon." 

If she had checked the clock she would have known she were already late for  her meeting.