Sep. 9th, 2015

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Who: Alric, Tiamaris, Marisa, Flandre, Alicia, Hijikata
What: Team training for the Guardian Dragons!
Where: Danger Room
When: August 23rd, afternoon
Warning(s): None anticipated

It was only a few days since Marisa, Flandre, and Alicia had joined--which meant that aside from himself and Tiamaris, and Marisa and Flandre, none of them had really worked together as a group. Considering the volatile circumstances, and the difficulties so many of them had had with control, it was important to get some training time in, especially if they were serious about the team's objectives. The control issues, Alric would try and work on with Tiamaris and Alicia on their own, as well; but getting everyone to know what to expect from one another, and used to working together and thinking of one another as teammates, would be crucial.

So. At a time when they were all available, he called them together to meet in the Danger Room, with Hijikata on hand to supervise.