Jan. 19th, 2016

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WHO: Emma Frost and the rest of Xavier's Institute
WHAT: We all know something is up. Time to find out what
WHERE: Sub-levels, war room
WHEN: Late night, midweek
WARNING(S): none

"Come to me, x-darlings... The War Room."

[Once everyone was gathered, with Miss Frost, Principal Munroe, and Logan all standing before the crowd, it was time to get the meeting underway. Incredibly conspicuous by his absence was Professor Xavier... It was possible he was using Cerebro, but it was hard to ignore that he was gone from such an important meeting, passing briefing duties to Emma. Hmm...]

Sorry for keeping you up so late, darlings, but it's time you were all let in on what we know, and what we intend to do about it...

Firstly, it's impossible to ignore the fact that Genosha's aggression are acts of war. The official declaration of war, according to Dr. McCoy who has been in DC trying his best to stop this, is already on President Kelly's desk, waiting to be signed. Mutant ghettos have become police states, and Mutant Registration via executive order is possible... if not already happening...

[The situation was, to say the least, grim. Everything they had worked so hard over the last six years to stop seemed to be coming to head. Emma tried to keep grace in her tone, but it was obvious these were difficult truths to say, much less accept.]

Professor Xavier has insisted that it is not Magneto doing this. But we can no longer safely operate under that assumption. Lacking the ability to speak reason to our own government when US citizens are under threat... we have only one other course of action...

We're going to go pay Magneto himself a visit, and try to stop this war.

[That was Professor Munroe and Logan's cue to step forward. Professor Munroe was the one to speak.]

We need a team to accompany us to Genosha on an infiltration mission. Logan has a man on the inside who is going to help us get in, a sympathizer to our cause that some of you may even know, but haven't seen in some time. He will get us into the country, and into the central palace. There, we will find, and confront, Magneto and attempt to convince him to reverse this course of violent action, and more importantly find out why he has been inclined to do so.

This is an exceptionally dangerous mission. The Brotherhood are the Acoltye Elite, and will be likely be confronted in our path to Magneto. This will, therefore, be a volunteer situation... Only those who feel they can handle the stealth, and strength, requirements of this mission will be allowed to accompany us. We will not force anyone, regardless of their talents, to come.

[At some point, one of the gathered asked the question "But how are we going to sneak out of the country", but from the look on their face, they hadn't actually meant to say any of that, looking around. Emma, being Emma, smirked.]

Very good question, darling. While Storm and Wolverine take the blackbird, we have a friend here who is going to help us stage the world's most fabulous diversion tactic. You can come out now, darling...

[And out from one of the rear exists stepped.... Dazzler]

Hold your applause, darlings, Miss Blaire is here for a very important reason. You see, it just so happens she was in New York again for another benefit concert in District X. But not even someone of her fame and clout can get in there right now. So we have decided to host the world's greatest festival of mutant talent... Right here at the school.

It will be livestreamed globally. Everything is set up and ready to have the entire world watching our front steps, and our former X-man Dazzler over there, while Logan and Storm and our volunteer infiltrators sneak out the back door and safely on their way to Africa, using the Blackbird's jamming systems to evade the detection of the US military.

Well... any other questions?