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Viti DeFalco ([personal profile] griot) wrote in [community profile] xavier_institute_logs2015-09-17 05:34 pm

Duty never calls.

 Who: Gregory Deegan and Viti DeFalco. Other people who want to help rebuild District-X I suppose. 

What: Viti and Greg talk about stuff while cleaning up District-X.

Where: In the ruins of District-X

When: Back dated to the day after the recovery team and runaways have come home.

Warnings: Swearing. Lots of swearing.


Viti swept up bits of broken glass and sheet rock, and dumped it into a wheel barrel, all to the noise of bachoes, which did the job better. His fingers smelt like ash, his face had accumulated lines of soot. Many other people worked, but Viti had found his own little corner of District-X to clean up, so that the nearest person was fifty feet away.

Viti’s heavy head looked down at the broken street, until the loud cry of a low flying jet forced him to glance up at the sky. Viti recognized the black-bird and scoffed. He lifted his smart phone out of his hoodie pocket, typed a few buttons, and sent a text.

He leaned back down over his broom with a grumble. The sun had risen a two hours ago. Viti hopped to meet Gregory before it sank.