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Decoding [OPEN]

WHO: Students and staff of Xavier’s Institute
WHAT: Scanning some paper that may or may not have information leading to a proper cure
WHERE: One of the library’s computer labs
WHEN: After the recovery team’s return
WARNING(S): Papercuts and swearing

The notes taken from the Essex mansion could fill two rooms of printer boxes, and still be spilling out the door. The paper was old, but at least not crumbling; the pages were still easy to handle, provided it was done so with care. These were documents of some historical importance, if only from where they came from. Digitizing them for better preservation was part of a hastily drawn up agreement for removing the documents from the mansion to keep nationalistic curators quiet.

The pages were written in a simple Roman substitution cipher; easy enough to crack in the modern day even for students, and especially when scanned in and uploaded to a server where it could all be done electronically. McCoy’s lab could have done it faster, of course—but they were otherwise occupied at the time, with their resources better spent elsewhere. The documents couldn’t very well leave the Institute, after the price of getting them here—so instead, the task was advertised to the students and employees.

Mostly it was tedious busywork, and not at all mandatory. Volunteers could show up and stay for as long or little as they liked, and rewarded with community service hours depending on the duration. The only stipulation was not to take the notes out of the room.

With many hands, the work should be finished relatively quickly at least.

((OOC: The mod account may appear if something important comes up, but otherwise players can do what they wish here.))

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