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松風天馬 ([personal profile] soccerwhisperer) wrote in [community profile] xavier_institute_logs2015-09-30 07:41 pm

Breathe in, Breathe out

WHO: Tenma and any wanderers
WHAT: Inazuma Eleven GO 4: Soccer through the Night soccer and distractions
WHERE: The field by the basketball courts
WHEN: Sunset, September 30th
WARNING(S): Absolutely no one is desperate

September sucked. The aftermath of everything related to the virus had dragged on through the entire month. The heavy mood from Nightcrawler's... passing was still pressing down on everyone. Even though they had tried to put on their best face, Tenma could tell otherwise. It was affecting him too after all. Although he hadn't personally known the man, nor really took any of his classes, he knew from his reputation that Kurt was a great person. It was difficult to understand how a loss would affect someone he knew and cared for. He hadn't truly lost anyone, even in the five years he was asleep.

He figured it was insensitive to even try to immediately return to normalcy. While classes were announced, a quiet loomed over the entire school. It wasn't something he could end by himself, but he knew the first step was to be visible and provide distractions to those who needed it. So even long after soccer practice had ended, he remained outside, trying to anchor a sense of normalcy to those who decided they needed the distraction. By sunset, he was kicking the ball in different arches and adding on different illusions to it for anyone who stopped even for the tiniest fraction of a second to watch.

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