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Viti DeFalco ([personal profile] griot) wrote in [community profile] xavier_institute_logs2015-10-04 01:21 pm

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 WHO: Aqua, Viti, and hopefully people from Weenie squad. 

WHAT: A get better party
WHERE: Outside.
WHEN: October 4th
WARNING(S): Should be none.

Viti had a backpack and carried a heavy pot in his arms, it’s cold surface causing him to let out occasional shivers. He looked to his left and his right. He encountered passers by asking if they had seen professor Aqua. The girl and the boy shook their heads, apologizing.  He circled the mansion, until he finally found professor Aqua.

“Professor Aqua!” He declared. Panting, he ran accrossed the field  up to Aqua. “I heard about the fight with Zancrow, and that you’re still sick. I hope you’re ok and I brought a get well pre…aaaaaahhh!...”

Viti tripped on a rock forcing him to thrust his giant pot of Vanilla pudding, with bananas, into the air. 

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