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Training with the Team.

Who: Oulan, Meiling, (Luvander, Eli can join if they want to at any time)
What: Training before the fight
When: Backdated to before the trip to the Savage Lands
Where: Le Room of Danger
Warnings: Uppercutting of Dragons

[It had been planned for a while, an excuse for Oulan and her team to get together for a good session in the training room, to see if there were ways they could work together to help bring an end to whatever the hell was going on. It was finally that day, Oulan, for the first time in an actual costume, a light grey bodysuit with red accents met those who could make it in the entrance to the Danger Room.]

Well, I've got a fun program loaded up, I hope you guys are ready.

[Walking into the Danger Room she waves up to the control room and gives a signal to start it up, suddenly finding themselves in an open field surrounded by Dinosaurs and Dragons and other scaled creatures]

Figure if some of us are headed to the Savage Lands we might as well get some real practice in.
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[When she walked into the Danger Room, Meiling had no idea what was coming up but she prepared just as well. Simple training clothes and her hair pulled back into a single braid for now.

She's quiet until the program settles and she looks around, a surprised look on her face.

...Whoa....This looks insane.
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Eli entered about then. She was a bit shy and bunnyish, nervous and jumpy. Her head still hurt from Krista's experiment while they were trying to find a cure. But Oulan wanted her here so she came.

She was paler than usual, and thinner. She has hardly been eating since she got burned so far back. The headaches had been receding, but then she was focusing on her clones taking care of Krista and the others, and kept forgetting to eat.

Weird thing, hunger, if you ignored it long enough it became nausea, and then you didn't want to eat.

She hated how her dress was hanging on her, but didn't know how to fix it. So she had added a pretty belt, and came. She did at least attempt her makeup and hair, but she still looked pretty lousy.
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"I'm supposed to be training, right?" she asked softly.

Part of being a team. But all her excitement about a team being a place where she fit in, a place she belonged, had flowed away. She didn't feel like they were a team. But she had made the commitment, so she was going to try and see it through.
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She shrugged. She didn't blame Oulan. "I've been out of it with headaches anyway," she said softly. They were bad enough she was considering going to a doctor. Did mutants get cancer? Could she have some sort of brain tumor or something?
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If anything, Meiling looks a bit guilty at seeing Eli. The tall girl had withdrawn from everyone and lost her focus. She was regretting it fully..and was quietly trying to swear she wouldn't do it again.

"It's been a rough ride for everything but..We can pull through the more we try and work toghter right?"
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"Y..yeah," Eli said softly. "I'd like that."