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Sandrilene fa Toren ([personal profile] uvumi) wrote in [community profile] xavier_institute_logs2015-11-09 10:11 pm

sunday studying [open]

WHO: Sandry & Open
WHAT: Studying
WHERE: Library
WHEN: Sunday afternoon

A couple months into her first semester at Xavier's, Sandry had mostly adjusted to her class load. Every once in a while though, Sunday would come and she'd find she still had a pile of homework to finish. When that happened, she took to the library in search of a more study-conducive environment. Having all sorts of books at an arm's length was merely a bonus.

Claiming a table near a set of windows so she could utilize the natural light, Sandry organized her homework into piles around her laptop. English in one, maths in another, science next to that, and finally history. As the afternoon wore on, she worked her way through each pile. Unlike some students however, she didn't spread her things all over the table, instead only taking up as much table as absolutely necessary.

Once she got to the history homework, she left the table to browse the shelves, needing extra resources for a report.

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