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HEAVY IS THE HEAD: Concert prep [OPEN]

WHO: Dazzler and everyone who agreed to work the show.
WHAT: Getting ready for the show of a lifetime.
WHERE: Campus grounds, which are currently being converted into an outdoor auditorium
WHEN: Friday afternoon
WARNING(S): none

[The press was already starting to gather around the gates of the Institute, as were people camping out for good seats at the concert. At least seats that weren't going to those reserved for the young citizens of District X, whom thanks to a friend Flandre Scarlet had made during the Brotherhood battle, were getting full military escort and benefits. Plus, hey, Corporal Jessica Allen was a Dazzler fan, too.

In the vast courtyard, construction of the stage, seating, and ways to keep the audience warm were underway. It was doubly beneficial to have so many mutants working together for a good cause, as well as the endless tech of the Institute, helping things move along slowly. And plus they got to listen to Dazzler to her sound check.

Check check! ... Whoa, who designed this mic, I sound great! Er... I mean I always sound good, but this is even better!

[Workers were free to mingle, talk about their respective jobs, or get in a few last words with those who were going on the mission to Genosha tomorrow... It was gonna be a long day.]
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-The mic was just a normal live sound mic. It sounded so good because a certain rockstar mutant, unable to carry on her tour of the world and stuck in the country, got the call from one Miss Emma Frost that her talents as a sound engineer could come in handy. So there she was at the booth, plugging things in and making sure all of her old gear still worked. And if it didn't, hey, that's what her powers were for, right?-

Sounding great back here, Miss Dazzler!
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Greg had been tuning up, beaming a bright smile at her when she spoke. He even chuckled. "Careful you don't drop the mic if it sounds butter. We're going to be so hot, it'll melt."

Butter better, he'll claim accent if pushed.
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"If one is on a bridge, better to be on the top...." he said with a grin. He was giddy at the thought of his solo, at a concert bigger than Barthis. He was excited about this whole thing. He was doing what his father suggested, using his music to help people. "Let's go from the top."
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[Tomorrow, when the crowds turn up, he'll have his hands full. For today, though... well, Hijikata doesn't want to oversell his role as security, to go out of his way to look like he's doing it even when there's nothing for him to really do. He spent a fair bit of the morning inspecting everything in the vicinity of the courtyard, but there's only so much of that that he really needs to do, and too much more seems like it could be just as suspicious as not enough.]

[But he does like to keep an eye on things, so that's what he's ended up doing -- sitting in the fourth or fifth row back from the stage, with a stack of homework that he needs to grade and a mug of strong black coffee. Every now and again, a small orange cat wanders up and demands the half of his lap that doesn't have papers in it.]

[For all the tension he's feeling about the upcoming mission... Honestly, it's far from the worst afternoon he's had in a long time.]
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Re: Open!

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He walked over, his eyes orange. "I was told to ask you what I should be doing," he said simply.
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Hijikata glanced up at him, leaning back in his chair with no apparent intention of getting up.

"Going to be working security?"
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"Apparently," he said, the word so dry it could have caught fire. Given his mutation, that was theoretically possible.
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There were times when Hijikata would ignore that sort of attitude, but right now...

Right now, everyone needed to be on the right page. This wasn't a time when they could afford any slipups.

"Got a problem with it?"
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He shrugged. "I don't see the point," he said flatly. And he didn't. Why did a concert need security? He wanted to be out there helping, defending this school. Not doing what Miss Frost said - being a normal teenager, taking a date. He wasn't here for that. He was here to thank the people who were keeping him safe. He was here to try and not kill anyone unless they were attacking. He understood the concert as a distraction. He did not see why he was supposed to be there. His eyes were a dark orange that hinted at red.
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The way Tiamaris saw things could be so simplistic -- it didn't reflect the depth and complexity of the real world at all, and too often, that held him back.

He leaned back in his chair a little further, looking up at the younger man with calculating, steady eyes.

"Think it over a little harder, then.

"Even for completely civilian events with someone as famous as our friend Dazzler, there are security risks. Large, excited crowds can get out of hand. There have been cases of movie stars and musicians killed by stalkers. To add to that, she's a public figure who's come out as a mutant -- that makes her a tempting target for those who resent our existence, in addition to your standard stalkers and lunatics.

"We're holding the concert here, at a school that's been attacked before any number of times, and opening it to the public. Any harm to them will reflect poorly on us, but at the same time, their presence in large numbers increases the risk that an attack could come from within the audience.

"If this concert were being held under different circumstances, we'd absolutely be devoting all possible resources to keeping everyone there safe -- and that's why, with the concert serving the purpose it does, it's crucial that everyone sees us doing so. In other words, on top of the real security threats that exist, to give the others the chance they'll need, we need everything to look as normal as possible here. Are you seeing the point now?"
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"That doesn't sound at all like what Miss Frost was saying," he said darkly, eyes shading closer to red, but staying in the orange ranges. "How does someone like me help with something like that?" It sounded like a lot of people in a space too small for them. He wasn't sure how adding a dragon to that mess could make anything better.
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"Ideally, we won't have too much to do. The hope is always that there won't be trouble."

Though trouble would make for a distraction, he supposed, if worst came to worst.

"We're there to keep an eye on things, and so that people will see an eye's being kept on things and not cause trouble in the first place."

He looked Tiamaris up and down, critical. "If you don't think you can handle that, tell me now, and I'll put you on the sidelines. Working yourself into a panic isn't what we need from you here."
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"It is what is needed of me, so I will do all in my power to be of help," he said with grim determination. And he meant it too. He did. But he was honest enough - with himself at least - to have doubts as to what he could live up to.
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"That wasn't my question. Will all in your power be enough to keep yourself in check, or are you going to get in your own way?"

It wasn't a matter of judgement. It was a matter of reason. This wasn't a time for risks that weren't necessary.
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"I cannot see the future. I know that I will try my best, can I guarantee more than that? No. No one could." His eyes shadded slightly more towards red.
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"There are never guarantees," Hijikata replied, watching him carefully.

"But you need to make an educated guess. You have a choice right now: is it more likely that people will be safer with you here, or with you keeping your distance?

"And if you do decide to be here, you need to commit to your role. The more you believe that your best will be enough, the better your best becomes, and the weaker your fear's hold on you becomes."
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"I want to help," he said softly and firmly. "I don't know if...." he hesitated, then looked at the professor. "Is Alric going to be here or on the mission?" How had he not asked sooner?
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"I didn't see him sign up, so no, I don't believe so. It would be better to ask him than me, though."
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Tiamaris hesitated, then nodded. "If he is here, and I am aware that this is not fair to him placing this burden on him, but if he is here I think I can better control myself than if he is not."
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[He won't get to see the concert, of course.]

[But no one's supposed to know about that, are they? And if everything was totally normal, there's no way in the world he'd miss this.]

[As far as the rest of the world needs to know, everything is totally normal.]

[So he's out at the front gates, perched up on the wall next to them and peering down curiously at the people camped out for the concert.]

Whoa, like, look at you guys. You've gotta be like, at least half as pumped as I am about tomorrow!


[Later in the day, having done his due diligence as far as convincing everyone everything was totally normal went, one might catch Feliks in something truly rare -- a quiet moment.]

[He's dragged a chair in one of the common areas over near the window and is all curled up in it, watching the sun set. In his hand, there's an old, worn rosary, and he rolls the beads between his fingers as he looks out the window. One might almost think the movement was idle fidgeting, if they didn't see his lips moving.]
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[This is the one topic that Reki's never teased him about. She waits respectfully for him to finish then goes to stand by him.]

Do you...really think he listens?

[Maybe, she thinks, to someone good like Feliks.]
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[Briefly, he does look surprised by her question. Maybe because it feels like something she wouldn't have asked when he first met her -- the kind of thing you'd ask another adult, not the kid that he used to be.]

[He shakes his shock off quickly, and smiles up at her, calmed by the ritual of his prayers.]

Always, aniołku.
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['Little Angel', an even more endearing nickname because she towered over him even as an adult. Her expression was a wavering smile.]

Maybe I'll ask for some things then. I won't get them, but maybe I owe that much to Him.
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[Feliks scoots over so he's hardly taking up any of the chair, patting the rest of the cushion.]

Never hurts just to talk to Him.
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[Liir was scrupulously avoiding the soldiers. It wasn't just the radicals' natural distrust of them. They reminded him embarrassingly of himself a year ago too, all pressed and buzzcut. Instead, he looked for the MLF. After the last couple encounters, he thought he'd be able to recognize a few of them.

In the meantime though, he could be caught in his skulking about.]