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HEAVY IS THE HEAD: Concert prep [OPEN]

WHO: Dazzler and everyone who agreed to work the show.
WHAT: Getting ready for the show of a lifetime.
WHERE: Campus grounds, which are currently being converted into an outdoor auditorium
WHEN: Friday afternoon
WARNING(S): none

[The press was already starting to gather around the gates of the Institute, as were people camping out for good seats at the concert. At least seats that weren't going to those reserved for the young citizens of District X, whom thanks to a friend Flandre Scarlet had made during the Brotherhood battle, were getting full military escort and benefits. Plus, hey, Corporal Jessica Allen was a Dazzler fan, too.

In the vast courtyard, construction of the stage, seating, and ways to keep the audience warm were underway. It was doubly beneficial to have so many mutants working together for a good cause, as well as the endless tech of the Institute, helping things move along slowly. And plus they got to listen to Dazzler to her sound check.

Check check! ... Whoa, who designed this mic, I sound great! Er... I mean I always sound good, but this is even better!

[Workers were free to mingle, talk about their respective jobs, or get in a few last words with those who were going on the mission to Genosha tomorrow... It was gonna be a long day.]

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