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HEAVY IS THE HEAD: Genosha Mission

WHO: Wolverine, Storm, and those who volunteered for the mission.
WHAT: It's time to meet the guy in the helmet and attempt to talk him out of starting WWIII
WHERE: The shores of Genosha, then onto Magneto's palace.
WHEN: Saturday Evening to Sunday Morning
WARNING(S): Could get violent.

It had been a long flight, with Storm's powers managing to create electric fields that jammed most tracking systems, but still had to park the Blackbird itself well away from the Genoshan coast, with a small jet boat being taken the rest of the way. It was a silent wonder as to how they had managed to get this close without alerting any of the local authorities, but Logan assured the team his man on the inside had them taken care of. They just had to put their faith in him. Which, putting faith in Wolverine was one thing, but in a total stranger? That was a bit more difficult to fathom...

Once the team arrived on a well protected cove, the boat was hidden under practical camouflage (as using Storm's powers to hide it in fog would just trip alarms. No-Girl, Martha, was left with the ship to shield it psychically if needed, and send a long range alert to Cerebro if something went wrong.

Wolverine took them up a steep, rocky hill, and to one of the walls of Genosha's government sanctums, the very one that house Magneto's steel palace, and they waited for their contact to arrive...

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