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Who: Everyone!
What: The news of the day, brought to you live.
Where: Around any TV screen, computer, radio, or newspaper.
When: All week.
Warnings: Reference to major NPC death. If a thread goes into warning territory for anything else, toss it up in the subject line or take it to a new log.

"...not the cure that everyone has been hoping for, but researchers working with the virus ravaging mutant enclaves around the country claim to have reached a breakthrough -- a treatment which can stop the contagion from spreading from person to person. For more on this, we're joined by our medical specialist..."

"...ravaged by riots for the second time this year, District X citizens have been organizing to repair the damage that's been done not only the the buildings and infrastructure, but also to their sense of community. Several people are in S.H.I.E.L.D. custody in connection with the recent outbreak of violence, but few details have emerged so far..."

"...outpouring of grief from mutant communities and their supporters internationally after a high-profile member of the X-men's death was confirmed. Kurt Wagner, known to the public as 'Nightcrawler', was a long-time staff member at the Xavier Institute, rumored in recent months to have been suffering from the virus affecting mutants around the nation and the world. When asked for comment, a representative of the school asked for peace and privacy, and declined any further discussion..."

"...slight drop in mainstream support for candidates Norman Osborn and Graydon Creed attributed to their well-publicized outbursts against, among others, the mutant and pro-mutant protest groups that have been dogging them on the campaign trail. A video taken just last week of Osborn's rambling and incoherent response to a question posed to him by a mutant attendee of a meet-and-greet event went viral, prompting mockery even from some of the other candidates in the primary..."

" news, President Kelly has set a date for a new round of discussions with Genoshan leadership. Speaking with the press this morning, he said that he wanted to give his thanks to them personally for the help that their researchers have provided in the past weeks, and to continue making steps towards the normalization of relations..."

[OOC: As always, feel free to react to any of these prompts or even to related things that aren't explicitly posted here!]
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Who: Alric, Tiamaris, Marisa, Flandre, Alicia, Hijikata
What: Team training for the Guardian Dragons!
Where: Danger Room
When: August 23rd, afternoon
Warning(s): None anticipated

It was only a few days since Marisa, Flandre, and Alicia had joined--which meant that aside from himself and Tiamaris, and Marisa and Flandre, none of them had really worked together as a group. Considering the volatile circumstances, and the difficulties so many of them had had with control, it was important to get some training time in, especially if they were serious about the team's objectives. The control issues, Alric would try and work on with Tiamaris and Alicia on their own, as well; but getting everyone to know what to expect from one another, and used to working together and thinking of one another as teammates, would be crucial.

So. At a time when they were all available, he called them together to meet in the Danger Room, with Hijikata on hand to supervise.
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WHO: Those left behind: Viti, Melinda, Guardian Dragons, X-Force, Team 3, Martha, Emma
WHAT: Defend McCoy’s lab, aid McCoy in any way possible
WHERE: District X
WHEN: Shortly after the recovery team’s departure; early evening
WARNING(S): Violence, mentions of medical procedures

"...confirmed reports of uncontrollable fires, electrical surges, and other instances of apparent uncontrolled mutant powers coming from District X, the largest concentration of the afflicted in the city..."

"...a tragic event where a busy intersection collapsed into a massive sinkhole, swallowing dozens of cars. A known mutant was spotted near the scene; we will keep you updated as the situation unfolds..."

It was barely hours since the Blackbird had left, hours, and in came thundering the next crisis. A critically ill mutant’s power had not only hastened the illness, but raged out of control—killing innocent bystanders in the process.

Protesters had sprouted up since the virus had been found—human and mutant, sometimes even both in the same crowd, demanding that the infected be shipped out, sent away, put anywhere but here. Now, they were quickly galvanizing into riots, and worse...

Get to the District. Secure McCoy’s lab, protect the sick there. Control the damage.

And see if the reports of Sinister’s soldiers in the crowds are true.
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WHO: The sick and the recovery team
WHAT: Research theft and retrieval of the ill
WHERE: Sinister’s old mansion, outskirts of London
WHEN: Late afternoon
WARNING(S): Violence and sickness

The estate was built away from the city proper and not quite on the river, but a bit back from the water, discretely screened by well-tended trees and away from the prying eyes of tourists. The canal that led to it was maintained enough to look picturesque, but not entirely functional; it’s barely wide enough for the boat to fit—one way only—and shallow enough that the bottom occasionally scraped up alarmingly against the boat’s hull.

Some stubborn bursts of the propeller got them through, though the way back out might be more challenging.

Behind a bend they found one of the service tunnels, disused for some time but at least not collapsed. Once it was used for coal and other cargo delivered by water—including the kind that came in living mutant varieties. Nowadays it was kept securely chained and padlocked to keep out tourists and teenagers.

A snikt put an end to that.

The trip through the tunnel was uneventful, short, but dark; it was flashlights only here, all the way up the stairs that led to the mansion’s interior, the door to which Logan also handily opened. The mansion itself had…seen better days. Much better days. It’s terribly dusty, with a large amount of furniture removed and covers thrown over the rest, blank spaces on the walls where paintings were removed for storage elsewhere, along with a number of books. Some remained, as covered in dust as the rest of the furnishings.

Logan pulled off the sheet covering one of the remaining couches, sending a small cloud of dust into the air. He swatted at it with the same irritation as a man chasing away a swarm of flies, which at least made Kurt laugh. His condition had worsened significantly after the escape, and he was grateful for the chance to sit again.

It was Logan who spoke.

"Find the lab or find a place to rest; we don’t have time for sightseeing."

((OOC: The mod account will comment every so often if important details are discovered; otherwise feel free to assume the layout of the mansion on your own.))
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Who: The Sick and the doctors
What: The sick plan an escape to search for a cure before it kills Nightcrawler
Where: Medical Quarantine and the docks
Warnings: Violence
Notes: Part one of the series

[It's nighttime on the 22nd, the plot is set, the day has come. It was finally time to break out, to find answers. To find a cure. They wouldn't find anything sitting here. Henry had found nothing while Kurt was getting worse, his flesh beginning to turn from blue to a boiling shade of red. He had know he didn't have much time. He knew it would take a miracle to survive much longer.

Lying in his medical bed with Flik next to him his tail flicks to the side, giving the signal that it was time to begin.

Seconds later, Flik charges straight for Zancrow, screaming at the top of his lungs and as soon as he does, Kurt bamfs from his table, appearing right next to the first person he's getting ready to teleport out.]
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Who: Reki and [OPEN]
What: two short encounters with those who would drive out the lepers
Where: District X
When: any time in August
Warnings: abuse of the homeless

And even then it's a coin toss, a roll of the dice )
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Who: Alicia and YOU!
What: Alicia joins a team and random events around campus
Where: All over the Place
When: Backdated to August 14th to the end of the month
Warnings: None yet
Notes: Most posts will be open but there will be a closed one with the Guardian Dragons

Sometimes you run, sometimes you bake )
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 Who: Joss, Greg, and anyone who wants to be associated with team heroic angel rescue. 
What: Joss meets with Greg to discuss being a part of his they can chat I guess. 
Where: In the gym...because!
When: 08/20
Warning(s): None. 

Joss  had her left thumb toe on the balance beam, her pet Robot floating nearby.  Her yoga pants, and sports bra were soaked with sweat, as she was concluding a rigorous workout,  She brought her right leg up to her chin her foot just above her head. She took a deep breath, and then another, for she was about to do something dangerous, but she needed to know if she could do it.  She rested her left foot, pressed down, and with a push thrusted upwards.  

She did a barrel roll in the air, and her light feet landed on the balance beam with barely a sound. She stood still,  breath a sight of relief and smiled. "I did it." She said to her robot.  The then dropped down on her hands and lowered her buttocks on to the beam.  

"Wish someone saw that." She held out her arm, and the robot extended it's wired, hydraulic, arm to give hand her a towel. 

"I better be gettin changed. Mr Deegan's gonna comin soon." 

If she had checked the clock she would have known she were already late for  her meeting. 

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Who: Alric and whoever, depending on the prompt!
What: Various bits of training and so on!
Where: Various places around campus
When: All week (8/9-8/16)
Warning(s): Not really expected!

Knightly things under the cut! ...get it? The cut? Because swords? Eh? Ehhh? )
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Who: Everybody!
What: News from around the world, live and in full color. 
Where: Anywhere with a television, radio, or computer screen
When: All week
Warning(s): If a thread goes into warning label territory, either throw it in the subject line or take it to a separate log.

"...reported sightings of the fugitive mutant supremacist leader Claudine Renko remain unsubstantiated. A S.H.I.E.L.D. spokesperson assured the press that all plausible leads are being investigated, but declined to comment on her most likely whereabouts. Anonymous sources have sent News 10 the following photos, showing Renko or someone bearing a strong resemblance to her in a Mexico City cafe, and later in an airport near Cape Town, South Africa, leading to widespread speculation that she's on her way to Genosha. Anyone with knowledge of her whereabouts is again encouraged to contact..."
" of medical experts working alongside the Xavier Institute's Henry McCoy have put forth that the disease exclusively affects people with active X-genes -- in other words, mutants. While it has continued to spread like wildfire through District X and other mutant enclaves, no related cases have been confirmed among baseline humans. With the death toll at home rising and new cases beginning to be reported around the world, a travel advisory has been put out discouraging mutants from traveling overseas in hopes of slowing the disease's spread..."
"...Travel restrictions to the notoriously closed-off country of Genosha have been tightened even further in light of the mysterious virus affecting mutants around the world. In a personal statement, Magneto stressed that since the concentrated mutant population in Genosha puts them at greater risk from this disease, 'measures must be taken to prevent any contamination within Genosha's borders'. Many high-ranking Genoshan diplomats have gone further and offered their condolences to the families affected by the disease, as well as applauding President Kelly's executive decision to channel funding towards treatment and research of the disease. A number of Genoshan doctors and scientists have left the country to collaborate with the researchers studying the virus..."
"...vigils held around the country this weekend in memory of the virus's victims..."
"...meteorologists scratching their heads about the sudden storm near an Appalachian town in southern Virginia last week, where record levels of rainfall caused flash flooding and mudslides. Other nearby towns were completely unaffected, and experts say that the prevailing weather conditions don't line up with such a dramatic downpour..."
"...Senator Graydon Creed appealed to his major constituents during last night's primary debate with his usual hard line on social issues and mutants in particular. However, businessman Norman Osbourne has risen in the polls after claiming that Creed's proposed policies, including the Mutant Registration bill being debated in the House, don't go far enough. Osbourne promised that, if elected, he'll introduce legislation aimed at deporting all mutant foreign nationals to their home countries, drawing applause from the debate's live audience and an outcry from leaders of the mutant refugee community..."

[[ ooc: News Mingle! Feel free to start your own threads in this log in response to one or more of these news clips, or even to things related but not specifically posted here.]]

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Who: Oulan, her team, her boxing trainees and You!
What: 5 Various Scenarios across campus, One closed to her team
Where: Different Locations
When: August first through the Seventh
Warnings: Boxing related things so some minor violence.

We are who we are and Oulan really likes punching things )
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Who: Eli and a Krista and an OTA bit
What: Clones a'visiting
Where: Medical area
When: Early August
Warnings: Shouldn't be any
Rating: Should be G unless someone brings it darker.

Eli had been seen by a number of professors, and had been resting in the medical area until they needed to quarantine those who were ill. She got shooed back to her room. She had spent a number of days there semi-comatose. Sometimes tuning in on her Hofstra clone, but not generally able to focus that much.

And no one had noticed.

She tried not to mope over that too much. Especially when she came to enough to find out what was going on. Then she was trying to figure out how in the world she could help. She was pretty sure there was nothing much she could do. What use were some pointless clones? She worried and fretted for a while... then came to a realization. She sent a clone out and gathered books and movies and games, and anything else her bank account would allow and bundled it up.

She brought the clone back and spun off one other. She sent the clones to the medical area, and she stayed back in her room to monitor them. Since they were both clones spun off that day, both were a bit headachey, and they each had a small bandage over the almost healed burn on her arm.


One of the clones headed into the quarantine area with the bulk of the goodies to hand out. It was left more or less on auto, with a few guideline instructions.... Once in, do not leave; make sure everyone who is bored gets something; talk to whoever needs someone to talk to.

So there is a cheerful version of Eli trying to ignore a headache while handing out games and books and movies, and being open, bubbly, and friendly to anyone who could use the comfort.

Locked to Krista:

The second clone, Eli was controlling directly. That one brought a smaller, but personally chosen bundle to Krista. It had a box of chocolates, a carton of prepackaged sweet tea, two books Eli thought she would like, a chick flick, and a board game, so she could play with other people if she wanted. Also a deck of cards.

She found Krista and knocked on the door frame of whatever room she was in, lightly. "Want some company? I come bearing gifts," Eli said, through the clone's mouth.

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Who: Aqua and anyone else in quarentine
What: Might as well run some classes
Where: Medical area
When: All month until they're cured/freed
Warnings: possibly some people cursing at her...
Rating: Should be G unless someone brings it darker.

Aqua had realized, after working with Viti, that perhaps the other students here could use her aid. She had been making her notes about about her experiences to help with a cure, but... but maybe the students needed her more directly. So she spread the word amongst the ill and then sat and waited for them to come, if any were bored enough and wished to attend classes in Mastery and Philosophy, she was happy to teach and talk....
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Who: Rhia and anyone out and about
What: Yet another game of Rhia ball
Where: Outside the mansion, but on the grounds
When: Early morning to mid-afternoon every day of August (Unless something comes up)
Warnings: Shouldn't be any
Rating: G

Rhia had no clue what was going on, that people were sick. She didn't follow the news, didn't use the cellphone thing she was given, and never went into the building... so... she had no clue. She was thinking about what Alric and Viti had said, though. But deep thoughts were for night time. Mornings were for fun. So She was swinging through tree banches, racing with the wind... and playing a whole lot of Rhiaball.

For those who have never seen her playing this game, it mostly consisted of Rhia - who looked like she was part tree herself with brown skin, brown hair, and green clothing made of leaves and vines - curled in a ball as the trees happily threw her from tree to tree in the canopy.

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WHO: Quarantined students, staff, and their visitors
WHAT: So there are these people that are sick with a mysterious virus and they are bored
WHERE: Infirmary
WHEN: Whenever this week, they're not going anywhere
WARNING(S): People are sick. There might be undignified medical tests and discussion of bodily fluids.

OOC: Put in your header if the thread is open to visitors or just for fellow inmates. Or have multiple thread options. Run wild. If your character is visiting someone, feel free to start threads as well. Mind, visitors other than medical staff wouldn't be able to enter the quarantined area, so they'll probably have to talk through something.
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 Who: Viti and Kisume. If someone wants to see Viti chase a lizard or hit on a bucket, they could drop a line. 
What: Viti chasing a Nile monitor lizard, and encountering "bucket girl"
Where: In the mansion, around the front entrance, and where ever there is a tight space. 
When: Sometime after the district X news feed thread. 
Rating: G. Shouldn't be any violence. 
Warnings: none

 Viti was on his hands and knees on one end of a carpet, while a one foot lone lizard flickered its forked tongue at him at the other. 
"Come back little lizard, I need you to save someone's life." The lizard tilted it's head quickly in several directions, taking in the room. Viti slowly crawled closer, digging his fingers into the carpet so he was prepared to spring, if need be.  His heart skipped a beat when the lizard moved backwards, but he licked his lips, and slowly reached or the reptile from above. When he was eight inches away, the lizard moved backward slowly. Viti reached faster, so the lizard backed faster, so Viti reached faster, until finally the lizard whipped it's elongated body in the other direction. The chase had begun. 

There were loud crashes as Viti whipped aside chairs, dove under a table, caught a falling vase, and pushed aside the couch, all in the attempt to catch the rapidly scurrying lizard, with minimal damage, but the lizard scurried faster, puffing up its throat to force in air into it's lungs for a longer sprint. 

The lizard looked in all directions for a tiny space to crawl into. It's instincts made it seek someplace warm and someplace tight to hide from the possibly hungry human pursuing it. 

(OOC: You may godmode the lizard)

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 Who: Viti and Aqua. I guess someone who happens to be in the infirmary could say something too.

What: Viti and Aqua talking the best they can, considering Aqua’s sick, and there are two walls of transparent, but hard plastic between them.

Where: The infirmary

When: Sometime during the same week as the District X new feed thread.

Rating: Don’t know. Above G.

Warnings: Image of a sick person.


Viti sat in a corner with one leg curled up the other was splayed out. He had a cell phone to his ear.

“Mom, I’m pretty sure I’m not sick.  The quarantine is just a precaution.”

There was silence as Viti listened to the response.

“I don’t know,” Viti replied with a rising tone. “I tried to tell them it was a misunderstanding, but they took me in anyways."  More silence.

“Well I guess, because, I was in the same room as someone who might have been sick.”

Viti had to pull the phone away from his ear, because, the voice coming out of it was so loud. His ear rung from being just a split second too late.

It took a few minutes before he could bring the cell phone close enough to speak. “Mom, he probably wasn’t sick. Besides I’m in the safest place in the world right now, even the CDC doesn’t have all the high tech gear and powers that the X-men have. You can’t take me out anyways…ok…ok…ok….I love you too, mom…and dad. I will talk to you later.”

Viti turned off his phone and sighed.  His head fell back in exhaustion. “Well, I hope Liir got my letter.” For minute he just sat in the corner of his room, letting the florescent light warm him. Eventually, he thought to stand up, and look through the clear plastic walls to see who might be quarantined with him. 
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Who: Kanji and anyone who finds him
What: A spot of practice?
Where: Outside on the school grounds
When: Just a sunny afternoon
Warning: ...Language, potentially?

Kanji's ... not been the most social of people lately, that's true. Feeling weird, feeling restless; he's been hiding himself away more, or spending longer in the gym, just trying to keep things together.

It's been a while since he's had to do something like this, really. But ... outside, in a quieter part of the school grounds? Gloves off, insulated gear off... and lightning's surging around him. He's mostly hurling it at a metal fence, a target that's not going to be easily hurt, but - the single blasts are merging together somewhat, here, arcs and shapes of current flowing forward and back with his motions...

Holding it, releasing it, shaping the blasts themselves - pushing his limits.

Probably quite a show. Eventually, though, he'll step back, wiping his face: man. Battery's running low, now, but ... at least it felt good.
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Who: Anyone and everyone
What: Another news update, coming to you live! 
Where: On any television, radio, or computer screen
When: All week
Warning(s): If a thread goes into warning label territory, either throw it in the subject line or take it to a separate log.

"...An explosion rocked a New York apartment complex today leaving 3 dead and 12 injured. Authorities are still investigating the cause of the blast which originated in a third story apartment. Survivors are reporting having seen a blinding light before the explosion leading to speculation that it could have been..."

"...Concert in central park was a rousing success as thousands of mutants and humans alike came together for the 2 hour spectacular. When asked what was next Dazzler said she'd be sticking in New York for a while to work on her new album before heading back on tour..."

"...First fatalities have been reported from the virus sweeping through the mutant population of District X. Heath officials are working alongside Dr. Henry McCoy on tracking the virus which still hasn't spread outside the Mutant population..."

"...Receiving reports of Claudine Renko through Canada and the United States. None of these reports have been corroborated and authorities are still asking people to report any sightings and..."

"...Repairs have completed at Xavier's Institute for Higher learning after the incident in May. Not much is known about what happened but proponents of the Mutant Registration Act have been using it as an example to push the legislation. When reached for comment Senator Graydon Creed responded stating a worry that if this was what happened in their own neighborhood that you should imagine what could happen in yours..."

[[ ooc: Anyone can feel free to start their own threads in this log in response to one or more of these news clips, or even to things related but not specifically posted here. Go forth and mingle!]]

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 Who: Zancrow and whoever
What: Zancrow's trying out the drums
Where: School Music room. 
When: July 10th, afternoon
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Zancrow's mouth. 

In the music room Zancrow is practicing on a drum set. Perhaps practicing is too strong a term. He’s banging away on the drums with wild abandon. He’s not that good, but he’s obviously having fun, and there is a rhythm to it, sorta.  


He’s putting his entire body into it; he’s sweaty and he’s already thrown his shirt to the wayside as he beats the drum set senseless. His wild hair is all over the place as he bangs away, and he’s smiling. Not his usual deranged smiles he wears during a fight, but an actual smile. He pauses drumming only to wipe the sweat out his eyes or to take a drink of water from his water bottle. 

He's been going at this for awhile, and probably won't stop until someone orders him to.