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WHO: Anyone and everyone
WHAT: Another news update, coming at you live!
WHERE: On any television, radio, or computer screen
WHEN: All week
WARNING(S): If a thread goes into warning label territory, either throw it in the subject line or take it to a separate log.

"... uncertain of whether or not wanted Mutant Liberation Front leader Claudine Renko is alive or dead. The FBI offers no comment at this time, and attempts to find source's in Xavier's Institute of Higher Learning, where the incident took place, have also turned up nothing..."

"... have called for Charles Xavier to be subject to government investigation. Creed said that the citizens of the United States can no longer trust mutant institutions in America, and that Xavier's willful harboring of Claudine Renko, and the violence that occurred there, is proof that said trust no longer exists...

"... plans to hold a concert in Central Park and is offering free admission and VIP passes to anyone currently living in District X, as well as the students and faculty of the Xavier Institute. Dazzler said that she spent part of her teenage years in District X, and Xavier gave her a safe place to live until her music career took off. She wants to give back to those that supported her, in their time of need..."

"...responded to the rumors of Claudine Renko being alive and having been given asylum in Genosha, stating that they have a publicly known policy of offering citizenship and sanctuary to all mutant refugees, Claudine Renko herself has not applied for citizenship within their borders. We remind our audience that as part of the Passover Accords, Genosha and the United States are both required to keep public record of their immigration policies with regards to mutants..."

"... so far have stated that only mutant patients have reported symptoms of the new virus spreading within District X. Leading medical experts are still researching the pathology, but feel that there is no panic needed, and that the medical community was prepared for the possibility of mutated viruses that have evolved alongside mutants..."

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WHO: Students and faculty of the Institute, plus some unfortunate SHIELD agents caught in the crossfire
WHAT: Sinster did something, ah... sinister... to Martha, and now the school security systems are attacking anyone and everyone that might interfere with his um... sinister... plans.
WHERE: The Institute
WARNING(S): Violence hooooo

As a reminder, there are THREE ways to be involved with this event:
1. Help the SHIELD agents on the front lawn survive against the school security systems! This will be combat heavy and will involve NPC assists from Nick Fury

2. Help protect other students, and those who can't fight, get to safe places! Not every section of the school is as automated as others and there are places that Sinister's infection of the security systems hasn't reached. This can be combat heavy or not at all, and will involve NPC assists from Storm

3. HELLIONS your girl No Girl needs help. Also the Professor and Logan. Your job is to head to the sublevels and break in to the most heavily secured area of the school and stop whatever is causing things to go haywire, and possibly stop Sinister himself from whatever he has planned. As usual, you will be assisted by Emma.
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WHO: Everyone
WHAT: The news of the world, brought right to your school!
WHERE: On any television, radio, or computer screen (assuming they're on a news site)
WHEN: All week
WARNING(S): if a thread goes into warning label territory, either throw it in the subject line or take it to a separate log.

"... since X-Day, it would appear that activity of both the Friends of Humanity and the Mutant Liberation Front have been largely contained. Authorities still urge caution, of course, but as far as the continuing violence is concerned, the streets are a little safer now. However, the leaders of both organizations are still at large. The FBI, along with SHIELD, have requested that any information to the whereabouts of MLF or FoH leadership be brought to them as quickly and discreetly as possible..."

"... holding her first concert since the violence broke out and her original tour was cancelled. Tickets to victims of anti-mutant violence were given entirely for free. Dazzler herself was quoted saying that now was a needed time for healing, and music plays an important role in that. She wants her fans to know that she is here for them, and she will do everything she can to help mutants still struggling in the wake of hatred and violence..."

"... Stryker has said that his vigil, continuing again after being released from the hospital, will continue until Claudine Renko, whom he holds personally responsible for the death of his son as well as the X-Day riots, is brought to justice. Senator Graydon Creed and the other Last Stand lawmakers have said they will stand with Reverend Stryker for the same goal. Creed went on to say that the only way from preventing something like X-Day from happening again is to pass the Mutant Registration Act, finally..."

"... Gabrielle Haller claiming that she and Genosha leadership have come to an agreement to stall potential international aggressions. The Passover Accords, as they are being called, were signed by both President Kelly and President Lensherr, sealing an agreement of non-aggression between the two powers, even if only temporarily..."

"... was released from SHIELD custody today and will stand trial for multiple accounts of fraud as well as the attack on the Xavier Institute of Higher Learning. John Sublime plead guilty to all charges, and expressed his regret that his obsession lead to such horrible acts. He reiterated that all he wished for in his Third Species movement was for peace between human and mutant, and a better understanding of each other..."

[[ ooc: Students and teachers are free to start their own threads in this log in response to one or more of these news clips, or even to things related but not specifically posted here. ]]
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WHO: Those selected for the mission, plus general attendees at the rally.
WHAT: The Mutant Liberation Front is having a major rally in District X tonight.
WHERE: District X
WHEN: Evening
WARNING(S): Will get violent.

The tension in the air was palpable. The crowd that had gathered was massive, many of them wearing MLF armbands and face masks. Signs were lifted, chants were heard, there was even a nearby bonfire with scarecrows being torched, their faces covered in photographs of Graydon Creed and William Stryker...

The stage set up was crude. There were only a few spotlights, and a rudimentary PA system. A few people had already spoken, but there was still a rumbling in the audience. They all knew that SHE was here. The woman who had thrown the first stone. A woman whose name they had all come to respect. They chanted for her.

Ren. Ko. Ren. Ko. Ren. Ko....

It was as if she was some sort of mutant messiah, and these were her disciples...

[[ The first top level will be for general rally mingling. The second top level will be for Xavier's peacemakers. The third for Emma's Hellions. And finally, after some time, a new top level will go up when the Friends of Humanity inevitably crash the party. Have fun! ]]
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WHO: Everyone on campus!
WHAT: Holiday goingons
WHERE: The Institute
WHEN: Threads can be set at any time this week.
WARNING(S): if a thread goes into warning label territory, either throw it in the subject line or take it to a separate log.

The entire campus is decorated for the holidays in red greens and silvers. It seems just about every major winter holiday is represented in some way. In the main lobby, there's an absolutely gigantic tree done up in a brilliant light display, with Emma Frost's touch added to the star. She's probably off somewhere enjoying a spot of cocoa with her old comrades, even. But really this wasn't so much for the Institute itself, but for all of its students. The ones that had no other home to return to....
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WHO: The Students and what faculty agreed to supervise
WHAT: Shopping trip! Plus other things...
WHERE: Manhattan Mall!
WHEN: Sunday the 14th
WARNING(S): There will be a bit of violence in this one later on.

[[ This is a totally open log! Post as many top levels as you want, but be on the lookout for threads and encounters with a certain NPC, as they will get rough. The mods will let everyone know when that NPC starts showing up, so be sure to let them know if you don't wish to have that NPC barge in on your thread. ]]
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WHO: Shindou Takuto, Bridget Halford, Kanji Tatsumi, Rinka Urushiba, Yu Narukami, Saitou Hajime
WHAT: Team Fabulous Hair has it's first official work-out/training session together.
WHERE: A (non-Dangerous) training room in the Sub-Levels
WHEN: After classes Monday, Nov. 24th.
WARNING(S): Teenagers showing off their only partially developed superpowers?

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WHO: Everyone
WHAT: The news of the world, brought right to your school!
WHERE: On any television, radio, or computer screen (assuming they're on a news site)
WHEN: Today
WARNING(S): if a thread goes into warning label territory, either throw it in the subject line or take it to a separate log.

"... sweeping victories in both the House and Senate. Creed and his fellow Last Stand congressmen celebrated today, eager to begin the new legislation they promised in their collective campaign. Senator Creed enthusiastically exclaimed that the era of letting mutants go unchecked were finally going to come to an end..."

"... calling themselves the 'Mutant Liberation Front', or MLF, the campaign of vandalism and propaganda has been extensive in Europe and has started to appear in the United States and Canada as well. The MLF are most recognized by their tag sign of the double helix, along with the word LIBERATE. Most authorities are not incredibly concerned, as the group has been non-violent so far..."

"... as talks have broken down with Genosha. A special ambassador from the United States has been assigned to speak with Genosha on behalf of the US government, Gabrielle Haller, has stated that she will ensure that peace between the two nations will be assured. Haller and President Kelly left for Genosha this morning..."

"... Mutant Arts Council of Greater New York reported record setting turnout for their Halloween charity events in District X and are now focusing on their next seasonal event for the coming holidays. The Council is also looking for volunteers for District X soup kitchens for the winter months..."

"... making her the only platinum record seller in 2018. Industry analysts say that the hype that came as a result of Dazzler's coming out spiked the sales of her album well past anything else that's been release this year. Billboard expects "Mojoworld" to make the double platinum certification before the end of the year, with the Christmas shopping season approaching..."

"... projecting the coldest winter in the last twenty years for much of the United States. Certain voices outside the scientific community have gone from denying climate change to accepting it, under the caveat that climate change is now being blamed on possible mutant interference... "

[[ ooc: Students and teachers are free to start their own threads in this log in response to one or more of these news clips, or even to things related but not specifically posted here. ]]
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WHO: Anyone who made their way into the city to attend
WHAT: John Sublime's gathering in Central Park
WHERE: Central Park in New York City
WHEN: Afternoon, Friday the 19th
WARNING(S): Sublime's creepy smile, possibly offending tumblr.

It's a hot day in the park. Water and fans are, fortunately, being passed out for free by volunteers. And in spite of the blazing sun, the man everyone came to see seems perfectly comfortable in his white suit jacket and black dress shirt. He smiles and does interviews for the press, looking unreasonably handsome and confident in his views. It's almost so much you want to punch him right in the mouth.

He's not ready to give public address just yet, with several other invited speakers taking their turns with the mic, as well as live music from a vaguely-college rock band calling themselves "The Alphabet Rejects" played between speakers, usually covering tunes from other better known artists.

There were a lot of people to mingle with... and pretty much everyone was talking about the same thing. The London bombings, the Mutant Registration Act, and what the hell this TransSpecies movement was really all about. Most of the keynote speakers gave points on very vague terms... odds were on the clear picture wouldn't come until Sublime himself spoke.

[[ Another event mingle log that was supposed to go up Friday. This is for everyone else besides the two that went to London to investigate the bombing ]]
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WHO: Everyone
WHAT: The news of the world, brought right to your school!
WHERE: On any television, radio, or computer screen (assuming they're on a news site)
WHEN: Today
WARNING(S): if a thread goes into warning label territory, either throw it in the subject line or take it to a separate log.

"... 5 dead, 20 injured in today's bombing in London. Authorities and witnesses both claim that it was literally impossible for the bomb to have been placed where it was unless someone had the ability to literally teleport into the terminal. Several experts are drawing this incident's blame to ex-Brotherhood assassin and terrorist only known at large as 'The Vanisher'..."

"... increased security for his upcoming public address. Now more than ever, calls are incredibly loud and clear for some kind of Mutant Registration law. Alleged mutant terrorism has spiked recently internationally, and many in the US public feel that President Kelly needs to take a leadership position on this much like he did during his congressional career..."

"... Sublime was very forthcoming with his experiences growing up in a mixed human/mutant household and the struggles it created. He also detailed his thoughts on Mutant Registration, saying that he felt like it wasn't the solution to the problem, and that humanity could only move forward if they embraced unity between humans and mutants. He went on to say that his philosophy of the Third Species suggests that there will be a time when the entire planet is mutant, and peace can come from accepting this..."

"... shook the sporting news world with his announcement that he was indeed a mutant. Delroy Garrett, Jr was stipped of the medals he'd won in the 2016 Olympics and has been panned universally for what was, essentially, cheating in some of the worlds' most coveted sports. The triathlete said that he doesn't regret coming out, and that he had to be who he was in the world today or those medals would have been truly meaningless..."

"... proposed a Mutant Olympics, as well as European United Mutant Football Club and any number of mutant specific sporting events and clubs. 'Why not?' Captain America said, firmly siding with Garrett and his supporters. 'I don't see any reason why these athletes, who have trained and worked hard to represent their countries should be denied that right based on how they were born. It just isn't right.' Rogers was also asked about the growing tension between mutant nation Genosha, whom protested the Winter Olympics this year due to the anti-mutant rulings, and the United States. Rogers refused to comment..."

[[ ooc: Students and teachers are free to start their own threads in this log in response to one or more of these news clips, or even to things related but not specifically posted here. You can reference the Weekly Update posts for other world news events not covered here, as well. ]]
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WHO: Souji, anyone who agreed to go shopping with him, and anyone else who wants to tag along.
WHAT: You know in high school movies / chick flicks when there's this awesome empowering shopping montage where everyone is laughing all the time and no one isn't fabulous?
This probably isn't going to be like that, let's be real.
WHERE: New York, I'm guessing. No, they didn't take the jet there, sorry.
WHEN: Saturday, 13/9
WARNING(S): This is a company consisting of a man who used to eat people, a woman with a PhD in Sexual Innuendo, a teacher who still has romantic feelings about someone who is technically a high school student, a high school student suffering from mutation-induced violent tendencies, and a rape survivor with PTSD. So, probably yes. Only Bridget isn't a walking CW/TW in and of himself, but people's reactions to him might warrant it.
Will add more specific things if required.

This will be a collection log of random things, so just throw up a header inside and play things out at leisure <3
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WHO: Everyone!
WHAT: Club Week is underway, and now we have booths set up for people to really recruit and get their ideas out there. Several NPC clubs have been set up as well. Plus, once again, if you want to get in on some X-Men team building, now's a great time for it.
WHERE: The school foyer
WHEN: Wednesday after classes
WARNING(S): None. If threads go into warning territory, please make a new post for their continuation

It's about halfway into the second week of school. People are already starting to form friendships, build social circles, and embrace student life on the Xavier campus. The faculty has set up several booths in the foyer after normal classes on Wednesday in order for students to centralize recruiting for their various interest groups. Some familiar names pop up, of course. "Anime Club", "Chess Club", "AV Club", "Soccer Club", "Glee Club", "GSA Club", "Bible Study Club" and others. It's a pretty inclusive school, after all, so why not have a broad representation of interests?

As classes let out, students are encouraged to look around, get involved, and otherwise put forth the foundation of their social lives for the school year. And of course, there's always people looking to put together teams for other purposes, too...

[[ ooc: Feel free to make top levels for your own groups, or just post open top levels with no specific group in mind ]]
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WHAT: Mingle/Figure out Room Assignments/Meet old friends again
WHERE: The whole campus.
WHEN: September 1st, 2018
WARNING(S): None. If anything goes into warning territory, please create a new log for it.

For all of the newcomers, welcome to Professor Xavier’s Institute of Higher Learning! For all of our returning students and staff, welcome back! Once Professor Xavier’s welcome speech wraps up, it’s time for everyone to get themselves situated in their dorms and, more importantly, get to know your fellow mutants! Even if you’re not sharing rooms, you’ll still be sharing the same campus with each other, so don’t be afraid to get used to all of those new faces! Or even catch up on old ones! You have options; don’t be afraid to use them.

[[ ooc: This is the general mingling post for all of our characters to get settled into their rooms, get to know each other, reminisce with old friends, all that jazz. The log will be split into multiple locations. ]]