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WHO: Christelle & anyone with access to the Faculty Lounge
WHAT: Sorting through intelligence as well as student essays. 
WHERE: Faculty Lounge, 2nd floor
WHEN: Late afternoon of 19/06

There's only so much Chris can manage in one day, or even one week when she's technically juggling three jobs at the same time. Thankfully she hasn't had too many recon missions of late, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have intelligence reports that need sorting, analysing and being put together so the X-men might put it to good use.

Add to that the student essays she's a bit behind on marking and she's honestly just one push away from garroting the first person who looks at her wrong. 

Unfortunately, juggling the tasks also means that she's more or less taken over half the lounge, reports pinned up on the walls here and there with many neat notes written over them, several other articles printed and attached in continuous streams down, some of them reaching the floor. She doesn't mind who reads them - they're all encrypted and in Catalan, no less. To add to the chaos, there's several piles of student essays, organised by grade level and marked or unmarked which she picks at for humor since... yes, she still finds some language errors absolutely hilarious.
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WHO: Everyone
WHAT: The news of the world, brought right to your school!
WHERE: On any television, radio, or computer screen (assuming they're on a news site)
WHEN: All week
WARNING(S): if a thread goes into warning label territory, either throw it in the subject line or take it to a separate log.

"... have declined significantly. Experts say the lack of activity from the formerly aggressive group may indicate a change in gameplan for the Friends of Humanity. Rather than taking to the streets and participating in violent confrontations with rioters, the Friends of Humanity have become much more visible on the internet and in social media. "A Voice for Humanity", a gathering spot for many FoH supporters, has branched itself onto Facebook, Twitter, and other social media spheres. Paul Stacy, the creator of the website and noted anti-mutant activist and writer, has stated that in the modern world, social revolutions aren't won on the streets, but on the web..."

"... resulting in the death of five officers and six others so far, the riots in San Francisco continue as masked members of the Mutant Liberation Front fan the flames, violently fighting off any attempts by city officials to regain control of the Castro Street neighborhood, also known as "Mutant Town West". The mayor has pleaded to the state and federal governments for aid in order to restore order..."

"... Reverend William Stryker, uncle to the late Donovan Zane, was finally forced to end his vigil today as a young man identifying himself as a member of the Mutant Liberation Front rushed the capital steps today, using an unknown mutant power to injure the reverend in what police are calling attempted murder. Reverend Stryker was rushed to the nearest hospital and is said to be in critical condition..."

"... President Kelly and special diplomat Gabrielle Haller left for Genosha again for another round of peace talks, but were stopped and forced to turn away as Air Force One entered Genoshan air space. There has been no word from the mutant nation as to why, specifically, US officials were invited and then summarily dismissed before they even reached land, but many in congress are claiming this is a clear sign from the Genoshan government that they are not interested in peace talks and are preparing to invade the US..."

"... holding rallies in known mutant neighborhoods in major urban centers across the US. In District X specifically, one of the masked speakers declared that they had claimed District X back from the human hands that had left them to starve and to freeze. Several food and clothing supplies, believed to be stolen and hijacked by MLF factions working in the Atlantic, were then delivered to the district's residence..."

[[ ooc: Students and teachers are free to start their own threads in this log in response to one or more of these news clips, or even to things related but not specifically posted here. ]]
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WHO: Nightcrawler and those selected for the mission.
WHAT: The Hellfire Club infiltration mission
WHERE: Manhattan
WHEN: Late evening
WARNING(S): Could get violent.

Team One was already on the ground, infiltrating the party. The rest waited in silence aboard the Blackbird, hovering in complete stealth mode high above the island. Back at the Institute, Professor X closely monitored the communications of the team, ready to give the signal when ready...

It was go time.


Top levels will be going up for each mission phase. Each phase will, OOCly, go on simultaneously so no one has to wait for another team to complete their task. Players have freedom to play as they like, but the mod characters in each team (Feliks, Shindou, Reimu) will most likely lead the action in the direction it's intended to go. The mod account will pop in for NPCing every now and again.

Have fun! ]]
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WHO: Everyone
WHAT: The news of the world, brought right to your school!
WHERE: On any television, radio, or computer screen (assuming they're on a news site)
WHEN: All week
WARNING(S): if a thread goes into warning label territory, either throw it in the subject line or take it to a separate log.

"...demonstrations quickly broke into violence as members of both Friends of Humanity and the Mutant Liberation Front attacked one another in various scuffles all throughout the evening in various locations around the US, particularly in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and Washington DC. Police have attempted to keep the situation under control, but neither group has made it very easy..."

"... President Kelly's return has also brought on several questions about the Genoshan situation and now the current strife in the US has effected those negotations. Kelly has simply stated that he has faith in the ambassadors still in Genosha and in the American people to come to a peaceful resolution on the mutant crisis..."

"... in an extremely rare interview, Shaw told Rosetta Riley that, in his view, Mutant Registration was the precipice of the not just the new decade, but what would shape the way historians looked at the early 21st century entirely. He said that while he regrets his company in their involvement in Project Wideawake, he still supports Registration on principle, he just feels the federal government has very little in the way of resources to enforce it the way it would be needed to fairness and liberty for mutant citizens...."

"... soup kitchens across District X were defaced overnight with anti-mutant graffiti, much of which parodying the now famous MLF logo. Some of them even had their food stocks tampered with, forcing organizers to scramble to make up for the damaged food..."

"... found dead after the protests cleared out, with the MLF logo spraypainted on his back. Relatives and mourners described the young man as a positive force in his community. He had many mutant friends as well, who described his death as unjustifiable and proof that the MLF is as dangerous as those they claim to fight against..."

[[ ooc: Students and teachers are free to start their own threads in this log in response to one or more of these news clips, or even to things related but not specifically posted here. ]]
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WHO: John Sublime, "No Girl", the U-Men, and their unfortunate target... The Insitute
WHAT: Sublime's U-Men attack the school. They're aiming for the sublevels. Stop them at all costs!
WHERE: Throughout campus
WHEN: Past midnight, Wednesday-Thursday
WARNING(S): Gonna get violent.

The time was now. The media attention over his followers actions was too much. And after all, Xavier's little henchmen in London had figured it out. He was sure of it. There was no more time to bide. No more room for hesitation. It was act now, or the revolution would end in a prison cell, festering away in the disgusting care of this unclean world. Sublime couldn't stomach it. Couldn't fathom it. And whatever god help those who stood in the way of him and his dream of Homo Perfectus.

"All units are in place," Sublime whispered, peering out over the immaculate green, covered in moonlight, staring a drilling, piercing hole into the mansion. "Martha... it's your turn now," another whisper, as the floating apparatus before him, holding a strange glowing orb, began to shine even more brightly.

Just like that, the security systems failed. And just like that, Charles Xavier gasped and sent out a short, psychic burst to all X-Men, perhaps to everyone in the school, before he was overwhelmed and silenced, collapsing from his bed to the floor, stunned into sleep by a psychic force even he was not prepared for.

"This is it, Martha... our dream... U-Men! Bring me the Ashes of the Phoenix!" And like that, dozens of the men from the blurred video that Glamour and Spy had managed to obtain swarmed the ground, organic and mechanical, using a plethora of stolen mutant powers, attacked.

[[ This is it! Our first major action post, and in X-Men tradition, it's a direct attack on campus. Feel free to start your own threads. The U-Men will be NPC'd by the mods. Their ultimate goal is the filed away genetic samples of Jean Grey in the sublevels. They must be stopped, before someone uses them to integrate Jean's powers into a U-Man. ]]
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WHO: Bigby Wolf ([personal profile] whosafraidofthe ) and Christelle Desrosiers ([personal profile] seduceme )
WHAT: Biggles scored a date! Fingers crossed.
WHERE: A nice restaurant Chris found for them.
WHEN: Saturday night.
WARNING(S): Chris. Bigby. Also mentions of / jokes about past cannibalism which brings me back to my last two points. EDIT: it gets racey.

And time will only tell... )
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WHO: Christelle and OPEN
WHAT: Working out and keeping her skills sharp
WHERE: Danger Room & the pool
WHEN: Tuesday evening
WARNINGS: Uh, it's Spy. Chances are language and possible friskiness depending on who approaches. Mentions of mild violence otherwise.

I work out )
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WHO: Mr and Mrs Smith Fai and Chris
WHAT: Just two X-spies chilling in a hotel room after a busy working day.
WHERE: London (fancy-ass hotels are a perk when you're an X-man)
WHEN: Three days after this.
WARNING(S): Knowing these two, probably sexual overtones all over their speech. Talk about the bombings. Will edit if they can't behave.

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WHO: Xavier, Christelle, and Fai
WHAT: The mission briefing.
WHERE: Xavier's Office
WHEN: The evening after the news of the bombing breaks.

London is drowning and I... live by the river )
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WHO: Everyone
WHAT: The news of the world, brought right to your school!
WHERE: On any television, radio, or computer screen (assuming they're on a news site)
WHEN: Today
WARNING(S): if a thread goes into warning label territory, either throw it in the subject line or take it to a separate log.

"... 5 dead, 20 injured in today's bombing in London. Authorities and witnesses both claim that it was literally impossible for the bomb to have been placed where it was unless someone had the ability to literally teleport into the terminal. Several experts are drawing this incident's blame to ex-Brotherhood assassin and terrorist only known at large as 'The Vanisher'..."

"... increased security for his upcoming public address. Now more than ever, calls are incredibly loud and clear for some kind of Mutant Registration law. Alleged mutant terrorism has spiked recently internationally, and many in the US public feel that President Kelly needs to take a leadership position on this much like he did during his congressional career..."

"... Sublime was very forthcoming with his experiences growing up in a mixed human/mutant household and the struggles it created. He also detailed his thoughts on Mutant Registration, saying that he felt like it wasn't the solution to the problem, and that humanity could only move forward if they embraced unity between humans and mutants. He went on to say that his philosophy of the Third Species suggests that there will be a time when the entire planet is mutant, and peace can come from accepting this..."

"... shook the sporting news world with his announcement that he was indeed a mutant. Delroy Garrett, Jr was stipped of the medals he'd won in the 2016 Olympics and has been panned universally for what was, essentially, cheating in some of the worlds' most coveted sports. The triathlete said that he doesn't regret coming out, and that he had to be who he was in the world today or those medals would have been truly meaningless..."

"... proposed a Mutant Olympics, as well as European United Mutant Football Club and any number of mutant specific sporting events and clubs. 'Why not?' Captain America said, firmly siding with Garrett and his supporters. 'I don't see any reason why these athletes, who have trained and worked hard to represent their countries should be denied that right based on how they were born. It just isn't right.' Rogers was also asked about the growing tension between mutant nation Genosha, whom protested the Winter Olympics this year due to the anti-mutant rulings, and the United States. Rogers refused to comment..."

[[ ooc: Students and teachers are free to start their own threads in this log in response to one or more of these news clips, or even to things related but not specifically posted here. You can reference the Weekly Update posts for other world news events not covered here, as well. ]]
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Who: Christelle and anyone who might be moving past the language classroom during lunch time
What: Someone's stolen the Big Bad Wolf's phone and is setting all the staff ringtones to personalised moans
When: 17/09
Where: The French/Spanish classroom
Warnings: Annoying women transforming into her colleagues to make nsfw sounds into a phone. Most likely, this will attract some swearing at her.

Christelle likes to be creative when it comes to her pranks, particularly when dealing with Bigby Wolf. Given his rude dismissal of a date she'd arranged for him with a lovely young woman in the city, she'd filched his phone during one of their last conversations (i.e. she kept making jokes of his eating habits until he tried to punch her. Again.). Now that she's got some time between classes on her lunch break, she's going through his contact list and making custom ringtones for each of the staff, transforming into said person and practising making some rather inappropriate sounds until she's satisfied with one, saved, and moved on. She's even being productive, practising the noises while marking papers!

Needless to say, anyone stopping in will catch her as any of the other staff members pausing mid-moan to greet them, easily transforming back into her regular self. "Bonjour! Did you need something?"
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WHO: Souji, anyone who agreed to go shopping with him, and anyone else who wants to tag along.
WHAT: You know in high school movies / chick flicks when there's this awesome empowering shopping montage where everyone is laughing all the time and no one isn't fabulous?
This probably isn't going to be like that, let's be real.
WHERE: New York, I'm guessing. No, they didn't take the jet there, sorry.
WHEN: Saturday, 13/9
WARNING(S): This is a company consisting of a man who used to eat people, a woman with a PhD in Sexual Innuendo, a teacher who still has romantic feelings about someone who is technically a high school student, a high school student suffering from mutation-induced violent tendencies, and a rape survivor with PTSD. So, probably yes. Only Bridget isn't a walking CW/TW in and of himself, but people's reactions to him might warrant it.
Will add more specific things if required.

This will be a collection log of random things, so just throw up a header inside and play things out at leisure <3
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WHAT: Mingle/Figure out Room Assignments/Meet old friends again
WHERE: The whole campus.
WHEN: September 1st, 2018
WARNING(S): None. If anything goes into warning territory, please create a new log for it.

For all of the newcomers, welcome to Professor Xavier’s Institute of Higher Learning! For all of our returning students and staff, welcome back! Once Professor Xavier’s welcome speech wraps up, it’s time for everyone to get themselves situated in their dorms and, more importantly, get to know your fellow mutants! Even if you’re not sharing rooms, you’ll still be sharing the same campus with each other, so don’t be afraid to get used to all of those new faces! Or even catch up on old ones! You have options; don’t be afraid to use them.

[[ ooc: This is the general mingling post for all of our characters to get settled into their rooms, get to know each other, reminisce with old friends, all that jazz. The log will be split into multiple locations. ]]