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JARVIS ([personal profile] workingonitsir) wrote in [community profile] xavier_institute_logs 2015-10-28 09:40 pm (UTC)

Alric Caelegart.

Jarvis studied the other with a look, then pausing in all motions. Completely still, his eyes seemed to brighten--

Connecting...CNN, Fox, MSNBC--

He linked quickly to different databases, attempting to do a search on the new person he just met. "It is the only name I can go by." It felt too strange to use a last name that he didn't even remember, and even though Tony didn't mind it, Jarvis didn't feel comfortable using the Stark last name.

"I'm not sure. Usually I'm the one being an assistant to someone, not the other way around." He heads inside, immediately looking around. "Spacious. I doubt I'll have a room assigned to me yet. I'm not overly familiar with the grounds as of yet, either."

Not from a non-googled POV anyways.

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