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Weekend after Prom - locked

Who: Greg and Krista and Greg and Alric
What: Congratulations and possibly hanging out.
Where: Krista's room for the Krista thread, Alric's room for the Alric thread
When: Weekend after Prom
Warnings: bad puns! Warning, anyone reading this will be pun-ished. You have been warned.

For both:

Prom was over, elections were over, and Greg... was tired of sulking in his couch fort. So... he had some stops to make. He wanted to say congratulations to the winners that he was friendly with, and he and Krista had plans, to boot. Well, to rock, mostly. He pulled on a comfy old band tee, his fringed coat because he liked it, and his dark pants because they made him look good. Usually one used glasses for that...

Then he grabbed his acoustic guitar, the old one his father gave him, and his walking stick. He shook out his head, which was sufficient for taking care of his hair, then headed out.

For Alric:
Greg headed to the other boy' room, took a deep breath, then knocked lightly on the door, a bright smile in place. He was the son of a great actor. Besides, it was easier to smile.

For Krista:
He made his way to her room, guitar slung over his back. He used the top of his walking stick to rap a lovely little tune on her door, and this time actually remembered to use white fire first, so that he could stand.

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