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The Return

Who: Oulan and you
What: Returning to school
Where: The front lawn
When: The Afternoon of the 24th
Warnings: None, will update if necessary

[She had been gone for weeks, but really, there was no way she was going to say no to being able to work for the woman she had had a crush on for years. I mean who says no to being asked to protect Dazzler After a show. With a new look and rejuvenated attitude Oulan watches the walls of the school come up as the car drives up to the front.

Her hair cut short outside of the mohawk on her head and the bangs falling over her forehead, a nice pair of jeans and a sweet leather jacket. It was a look she hadn't had since college but when you are working a tour with freaking Dazzler, you can finally take the opportunity to go back to who you were when you were really happy and for the first time in a long time, she was again. Even with all that had been going on, taking the time to pull herself together, surrounding herself with music she loved, and doing what she loved, had brought her back]

It's good to be back.
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Welcome back, buddy

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Joss was just coming back in from an afternoon run, when she sees the car approaching. She was still panting when Oulan was stepping out of the car.

With a floating, diamond shaped, robot behind her, she waved.


The robot handed Joss a towel to wipe the sweat of her forehead.
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Joss looked over Oulan from head to toe. "Somethin tells me yere inta martial arts."
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Joss was embarrassed as heck and it showed when she cringed.

She quickly changed the subject.

"Joss. Just started last month."

She reached to shake her hand.
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Joss blushed a little. She was slightly touched that Oulan took her hands.

"Spankin. Everybody's been real nice, its fun seein all them cool powers, and I even got to go on ma first mission already."
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"England. It was fun, ma only complaint was things were wrapped up before I saw real action. I was really hopein ta show the others ma moves."

Joss whipped out her grappling lasso, and aimed it at nothing, as though she were ready to battle some imaginary opponent.
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"Wellll...." Joss had to put thought into this response. There had been some school work, but she had been so focused on missions, training and just getting to know people that she hadn't spent nearly as much time studying as normal. It only occurred to her then that her grades might be suffering. She couldn't help but cringe.

"I made alota new friends. I enjoy that."

Joss wondered how Kim did it.
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[Oulan would soon see one of her team. Meiling was out again, running until she wore herself completely out. She was turning the corner just in time and it got her to stop completely.]

Teach, you are back!

[It got her to smile a bit and head over. Although her shirt shows she's been over doing it. She's glad to see Oulan though!]
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Of course! Just because you were away doesn't mean there can be slack.

[Slowing down to a walk and the stopping when she gets close.]

And with all the chaos, it's needed. Glad to see you back though.
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I...I don't know. I haven't seen them around.

[Ahahahaha...Avoidance is kicking her right now.]

Been busy with..everything honestly. I don't think everyone ended up on the same mission.

[She couldn't remember if anyone else was on the retrieval or with the sick.]
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I don't think any of us really handled it well to be honest. But what matters is that we figure it out.

{A Cheerful, yet tired smile. She's trying!]

I'm ready for it. To keep everyone safe..and I'm sure everyone else would agree.
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[Another sharp nod. It's a distraction that the woman will take at this point..]

It'll be nice to get back to work honestly..I just hope we can meet expectations.
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..Thanks. That means a lot.

[Wiping hands on her shorts for the time being.]

Yeah, I can help. Just tell me what to grab.

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Alright. Can do.

[Grabbing said items and adjusting the weight for a moment, ready to go when told.]

Ready to go whenever.
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I think so. I haven't had the chance to hit any of my classes more then twice and I think they are on pause for a little bit.

[She didn't mean to skip out on them..Just..Distracted and sleeping.]