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Student Council Meeting: Memorial Plans

WHO: Alric Caelegart, Bridget Halford, Kaguya Houraisan, Krista Lenz, Ken Amada
WHAT: Memorial plans
WHERE: Empty classroom
WHEN: Early September, days after the mission, but I suck and just got to it now
WARNING(S): None expected

It was only a few days after the end of the riots, the mission to retrieve fleeing students, and the death of Nightcrawler, when Alric called together the student council to discuss their response. In his email to them, the main question he had in mind to discuss: what could they, as the student council, arrange in the vein of a memorial to those who were lost to the illness? Something they could give to the students as a project in which to participate, to focus their energies, and to come together as a community.

As usual, he arrived early, shortly after the end of classes, and set out light snacks for the council members, organizing his thoughts as he waited for them.
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Ken, as usual, has arrived a little early - though never as early as Alric - himself.

By now, however, he's graduated past the hesitant looking in and asking if he's in the right place, and heads straight on into the room and finds his spot at the table without delay.

(Usually, he's prone to that same lack of delay in showing interest in the snacks, but today, he doesn't make a move for them.)
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"I'm okay."

It's that same sort of subdued "okay" that a lot of the student body seems to be managing; while Ken wasn't as directly impacted by the recent events as many (and would be rather determined to look functional even if he were), there's not really much cause to feel good about anything right now.

"How about you?"
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"...yeah. I guess that's better than just sitting on it, isn't it?"
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"Everyone should be able to make it today, right?"

With people having been in and out of sickbay, and with everything else they'd all been dealing with, it was hard to keep track of who was out of commission, but if anyone knew, he figured Alric would.
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"I know Krista was pretty sick for a while, but it sounded like she was doing a lot better finally..."
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Not long after the above thread, but didn't want to interrupt it

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Usually, Krista was nearly as early as Alric himself, but in her current condition? Well, she was a little bit early, at least. The sickness had left her exhausted, her feet dragging as she made her way from her last class to the classroom they were meeting in. Hiding any chagrin at seeing that Ken had beaten her there, she smiled at the both of them.

"I hope I haven't kept you waiting..."
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If someone had told Krista that a day would come when she was sick to death of people's sympathy, she'd have laughed at them, and she'd have been wrong to. She smiled kindly up at Alric, tucking a stray strand of hair delicately back behind her ear.

"I'm doing well, thank you." As well as she could, which with the advances in treatment, was at least no worse than before. "What about you?"
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A little more somber, Krista let her voice go quieter.

"It's been a difficult time for everyone. We'll all do our best to help people through it, right?"
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She smiled just a little, comforted to be a little closer to the situation where she'd made familiar ground for herself.

"I'm sure. And you know you have the rest of our support..."
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"Well, after all you've done to support us, it's the least I can do, isn't it?"
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"You always do, Alric.

"Did you have an idea you were intending to talk with us about? Or do you want to wait for the meeting proper for that?"