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WHO: The students and staff remaining at the Institute, Dazzler, and the adoring public.
WHAT: A big, bright, shiny show to get everybody's attention!
WHERE: An outdoor auditorium set up on the campus grounds.
WHEN: Backdated to Saturday evening.
WARNING(S): None - warn in the headers and/or take it somewhere else if any threads go in unexpected directions!

[This was it - the moment of truth.]

[They'd set up a ton of seats in their makeshift outdoor auditorium, as many as they could, and between the students, the kids bussed in from District X, and the lucky few who'd managed to snag the other remaining tickets, just about all of them were filled. Here and there in the crowd, a flash bulb would go off now and then. All around the stage, a dozen different cameras were set up, ready to livestream the whole concert experience to anyone who wasn't lucky enough to make it. The excited whispers of the crowd, through the sheer number of them, had built up into a dull roar.]

[As the lights went up on her and her band, the crowd broke out into excited cheering. All eyes were on them -- and, for the sake of the mission, it was their job to keep them there.]

[Dazzler glanced for a moment to the other musicians on stage with her, then gave a bright, confident smile for the audience and the cameras.]

Never thought I'd be playing a show for my old alma mater like this... Hello, Xavier Institute! Hello, North Salem... Hello to everyone around the world joining us tonight!

[As the crowd roared their greetings in return, Dazzler gave a small nod to her fellow musicians on the stage, launching them without further ado into the first number on their set list.]

[It was time.]

[[OOC: This log is for all characters remaining at the Institute during Dazzler's concert! Feel free to mingle, play out your character contributing to the music or special effects, interact with the press, do security-related things, hang out and enjoy the show, or play out anything else that might be happening in the area at the time!]]
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Greg knew his parents were watching it on the web, his irritating brother had probably already seen it. Future vision was an irritating Mutant Power. But he wasn't irritated now. He was rocking out. He was helping to save the world in his own way, using his music to make a difference. There was no better feeling. It was Barthis again, but on a much larger scale, a much more impressive stage.
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Rhia understood nothing of what was going on, but the music was surprising. It was good, it was unlike anything she had encountered in the people world. She had heard music on the small flat screen things, but this was different. She crawled out onto the edge of a branch, and leaned forward, listening, fascinated.
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He was told to do security, was told more or less what was expected of him, so he was at his post, eyes a dull orange, face expressionless, trying not to snap at the people who kept bumping past each other.
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OTA, security

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[Hijikata was exactly the sort of man you wanted to have in charge of security.]

[It was his sharp, calculating eyes, his firm voice, his commanding presence.]

[The broad shoulders and muscles didn't hurt anything, either.]

[All through the evening, he'd be making his rounds, keeping an eye on everything and everyone -- and God help anyone who started any trouble where he stood the slightest chance of seeing.]

[Now and again, though, one might catch him looking a little bit more relaxed, eyes turned briefly towards the stage. He might not be a fan of the music itself, but he was damn proud of the good work some of his students, old and new, were doing.]
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I could have sworn I just saw you smile. -Caught.-
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Could you? Must have been your imagination.

[He says, without any change to his expression.]
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It's a good night for wild imaginations, I think.

I gotta say, I never thought I'd be in a situation like this. -She looked back out to the crowd. Their cheer was nearly deafening. Faces that had looked so desperate filing in, now filled with such real joy and elation...-

Almost makes you believe, just for a bit, that music really can change the world...
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[He hums quietly, sort of noncommittal as far as that goes. He's always had a bit of a pessimistic streak, and the world has made a Hell of a cynic of him. Still...]

If it changes something for the people here...

[At times, he's felt like Dazzler's choice to focus on her music career was a selfish one. But maybe she's doing what she can for their battle this way, after all.]
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It helps them believe that things can, and will, get better. It's a sort of thing you can't really quantify, but you know it's important. In my home country, we strongly believe that if the spirit can't be convinced, then nothing can be done. It's more important to win that battle than any other in any given conflict.
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And things like this can help with that, you think?

[It seems so frivolous to him. His own spirit is a creature that runs on righteous rage and passionate protectiveness -- hope never really enters into it for him.]

[After all, just because things are hopeless doesn't mean he'll actually give up, not with so many people to protect.]
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I'd like to think so. No one knows for sure.
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Watching the stream from the infirmary

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-Parsee would never, not in a million years, openly admit to the fact that she liked Dazzler's music. She didn't own any of her records, and she didn't really even listen to it before. And to be honest, it may have been the pain killers she was still on, but there she was, tapping her toe and humming along with the chorus.

Whether or not someone wanted to disturb this rare treasure of a sight or not was up to them. And how much they wanted to bet their life on it.-