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New Arrival~ [Backdated to earlier in the evening

WHO: Jarvis and Open
WHAT: Arriving at the school
WHERE: Courtyard and Main Entrance
WHEN: Early evening October 27th

This was it.

Jarvis looked up at the large mansion – even larger than the one in Malibu (but smaller than the Tower in New York City that was undergoing repairs) – that was to be his new home for the rest of his education years. A place for people like him, and Tony had shown him the information he had gathered on the Institute. Tony hadn't been happy about sending Jarvis off to boarding school, but his education needed to be finished before he could apply to college or just further his career and experiences back in California.

A dust cloud formed up as the taxi started off, leaving Jarvis with the order that Tony had given him – finish his education and then come back to Malibu. Easy enough, right? Only now there wasn’t a Malibu to go home to. The news had come while he was on the plane and suddenly he had understood how a computer felt to ‘freeze up’.


Steeling himself with a deep breath, he picked up his suitcase and started through the gates. The entrance courtyard was nice, and had the potential to be a nice study area. It took his mind off of Malibu for a moment as he attempted to familiarize himself with the new surroundings. Already the sun was dipping below the horizon and he hadn't realized just how late he'd be arriving. That wouldn't do - Jarvis hated tardiness.

Stopping at the door, he looked for a doorbell, a knocker, then shrugged. He wouldn’t be rude and just barge in. Jarvis had better manners than that after all. He thought he heard his knock resound in the room beyond the door as his knuckles gave a firm few knocks.

“Hello? I’m a new arrival at this school, a transfer to say the least. I wasn’t informed of who to contact upon arriving though—“
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The thirteen year old boy walked to the door with shopping bags in his hands, stooping like a hunch back. Without talking to anyone, he mumbled something under his breath.

"It's inconceivable that no one has tried to kidnap me yet. With my power everyone should be after me."

Viti mumbled in growls, as though he was disappointed.
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"Baaaaa!" Viti shouted startled, and jumped, throwing his back in the air.

"Oh no the eggs!" Viti dove to catch the back full of eggs, but he would be too slow. Would the new person catch it?
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The thirteen year old boy pushed his glasses up his nose as he got his bearings back together.

"That was close. Thank you for saving the eggs but..."

Viti leaned to closer to Jarvis' face his eyes canning him.

"...where did you come from?"
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Viti never did understand the concept of personal space, but he did not lean any closer. He raised his free hand so he could shake Jarvis'.

"Malibu huh? Well welcome to the institute. Here you'll find that 92% of currency exists only on computers."

Viti tilted his head in confusion at his own statement. It wasn't what he meant to say. Suddenly his eyes bulged.

"Oh sorry. My power was active!"
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"My power. It does that. Pulls facts out of the air and sprouts them out. I forgot to turn it off. I have to be careful with it or else it will reveal the deepest, darkest, secrets of whoever I interact with. Anyways, welcome to the institute."
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"My power is awesome! Or at least it will be once I figured out how to control it. Anyways follow me."

Viti began leading Jarvis to a side door.

"So what's your power?"
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Viti nodded as he was genuinely impressed. "Good one. Can't discount computers this day and age, but I'm going to let you in on two pieces of advice."

Viti opened the side door.

"Number one, asking people about their a powers here is considered dehumanizing and therefore rude, but do it anyways, because, on a mission you need to know what everyone around can do, and they need to know what you can do. Secondly..."

Viti marched down the hall way to the kitchen, his pace picking up because of his rising emotion.

"...Get control of your power, because no one will listen to you if you don't. That's something I learned the hard way."
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Viti chuckled.

"I'm Viti. Viti DeFalco. Good to meet you Jarvis, but yes. We're here to learn how to use our powers. But you would never know it when you talk to people. For some reason people don't feel comfortable talking about their powers. Don't know why."

Viti lifted out some cold cuts and unwraped a loaf of french bread, that was still a little warm to the touch, and still had that fresh smell to it.

"Do you want a sandwich?"
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Someday after Jarvis has found a room, he may learn that Viti's parents once tried to have him committed.

"Ha! That's funny. No. Today I make a sandwich for you. Someday when I visit your dorm you can offer me hospitality, but today I am sandwich maker."

Viti placed a hand on his chest and puffed out "sandwich maker" with pride.

"Now do you like Pastrmai, turkey, Portabella?"
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Viti takes a second to think on this.

"It's days of boring classes and conversations with people interrupted occasionally by a mission, which you can go on if you want."

Viti nodded. "That about sums it up." Viti completed his a portabella sandwich, and handed it to Jarvis in a plate next to some pickles.
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Viti grumbled. "Well I thought I would be able to do a lot more good than I've have been. I mean my power is perfect for alerting people to threats, and gathering info to solve problems, but things just haven't worked out that way."

Viti sighed before taking a bite into his cold cut sandwich.
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Viti chewed on the Jarvis-thought for a minute. He was made no headway controlling his power on his own. It was only when people helped him that he could make any progress, even then he had a long way to go.

"I suppose. But then why did you come here?"
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Viti's eyes widened at this.

"Jeez that sucks. The worst thing my power does to me is give me a headache."

Viti had to think about what he just said, and he realized that wasn't exactly true.

"Well actually...other than angering people by revealing their deepest darkest secrets. But that part I got figured out."

Viti shook his head. "Anyways if you're like me it might be hard to find someone who helps you with your powers."

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