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New Arrival~ [Backdated to earlier in the evening

WHO: Jarvis and Open
WHAT: Arriving at the school
WHERE: Courtyard and Main Entrance
WHEN: Early evening October 27th

This was it.

Jarvis looked up at the large mansion – even larger than the one in Malibu (but smaller than the Tower in New York City that was undergoing repairs) – that was to be his new home for the rest of his education years. A place for people like him, and Tony had shown him the information he had gathered on the Institute. Tony hadn't been happy about sending Jarvis off to boarding school, but his education needed to be finished before he could apply to college or just further his career and experiences back in California.

A dust cloud formed up as the taxi started off, leaving Jarvis with the order that Tony had given him – finish his education and then come back to Malibu. Easy enough, right? Only now there wasn’t a Malibu to go home to. The news had come while he was on the plane and suddenly he had understood how a computer felt to ‘freeze up’.


Steeling himself with a deep breath, he picked up his suitcase and started through the gates. The entrance courtyard was nice, and had the potential to be a nice study area. It took his mind off of Malibu for a moment as he attempted to familiarize himself with the new surroundings. Already the sun was dipping below the horizon and he hadn't realized just how late he'd be arriving. That wouldn't do - Jarvis hated tardiness.

Stopping at the door, he looked for a doorbell, a knocker, then shrugged. He wouldn’t be rude and just barge in. Jarvis had better manners than that after all. He thought he heard his knock resound in the room beyond the door as his knuckles gave a firm few knocks.

“Hello? I’m a new arrival at this school, a transfer to say the least. I wasn’t informed of who to contact upon arriving though—“
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Oh hello

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[Escuse me as I hop on this first. :3 ]

Rather than an immediate answer from inside, it came from off to the side, accompanied by the sound of someone approaching: a young man, perhaps a couple years Jarvis's senior, dressed casually but fairly sharp, but with uncommonly long black hair. He was certainly distinctive enough Jarvis could pick him out with a reverse image search if he wanted.

"Ah, good evening. Here. Let me get the door for you."

He strode up with an air of easy confidence and casual athletic jauntiness, hopping up the steps to get the door for Jarvis, smiling politely. None of Tony's bravado or ribbing, though--at least, not yet.

"Please do come in and relax until someone from the staff is available. Your trip was a pleasant one, I hope, Mr....?"
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The thirteen year old boy walked to the door with shopping bags in his hands, stooping like a hunch back. Without talking to anyone, he mumbled something under his breath.

"It's inconceivable that no one has tried to kidnap me yet. With my power everyone should be after me."

Viti mumbled in growls, as though he was disappointed.
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From the atrium, there was a muffled, though cheerful reply of "oh, just a minute!"

The person pulling the door open would have been difficult to miss under most circumstances; an absurdly tall beanpole of a young woman, blonde and pallid with bright red eyes and what looked like metal wings folded on her back. But instead of feathers or any sensible flight surfaces, there was only an array of seven-colored prisms hanging from the frame like softly glowing ornaments. She was wearing a simple red dress and vest over a white shirt, which her wings were apparently sticking out the back of like they had been attached there.

"Hello! You'll want to see one of the advisors, I think. I can show you where their office is," Flandre said, smiling brightly.