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WHO: John Sublime, "No Girl", the U-Men, and their unfortunate target... The Insitute
WHAT: Sublime's U-Men attack the school. They're aiming for the sublevels. Stop them at all costs!
WHERE: Throughout campus
WHEN: Past midnight, Wednesday-Thursday
WARNING(S): Gonna get violent.

The time was now. The media attention over his followers actions was too much. And after all, Xavier's little henchmen in London had figured it out. He was sure of it. There was no more time to bide. No more room for hesitation. It was act now, or the revolution would end in a prison cell, festering away in the disgusting care of this unclean world. Sublime couldn't stomach it. Couldn't fathom it. And whatever god help those who stood in the way of him and his dream of Homo Perfectus.

"All units are in place," Sublime whispered, peering out over the immaculate green, covered in moonlight, staring a drilling, piercing hole into the mansion. "Martha... it's your turn now," another whisper, as the floating apparatus before him, holding a strange glowing orb, began to shine even more brightly.

Just like that, the security systems failed. And just like that, Charles Xavier gasped and sent out a short, psychic burst to all X-Men, perhaps to everyone in the school, before he was overwhelmed and silenced, collapsing from his bed to the floor, stunned into sleep by a psychic force even he was not prepared for.

"This is it, Martha... our dream... U-Men! Bring me the Ashes of the Phoenix!" And like that, dozens of the men from the blurred video that Glamour and Spy had managed to obtain swarmed the ground, organic and mechanical, using a plethora of stolen mutant powers, attacked.

[[ This is it! Our first major action post, and in X-Men tradition, it's a direct attack on campus. Feel free to start your own threads. The U-Men will be NPC'd by the mods. Their ultimate goal is the filed away genetic samples of Jean Grey in the sublevels. They must be stopped, before someone uses them to integrate Jean's powers into a U-Man. ]]
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WHO: Giselle and Elsa
WHAT: A shopping trip
WHERE: Local mall in Salem Center
WHEN: Saturday October 11th
WARNING(S): Unlikely to be necessary.

Adventures in shopping )
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WHO: Anyone who made their way into the city to attend
WHAT: John Sublime's gathering in Central Park
WHERE: Central Park in New York City
WHEN: Afternoon, Friday the 19th
WARNING(S): Sublime's creepy smile, possibly offending tumblr.

It's a hot day in the park. Water and fans are, fortunately, being passed out for free by volunteers. And in spite of the blazing sun, the man everyone came to see seems perfectly comfortable in his white suit jacket and black dress shirt. He smiles and does interviews for the press, looking unreasonably handsome and confident in his views. It's almost so much you want to punch him right in the mouth.

He's not ready to give public address just yet, with several other invited speakers taking their turns with the mic, as well as live music from a vaguely-college rock band calling themselves "The Alphabet Rejects" played between speakers, usually covering tunes from other better known artists.

There were a lot of people to mingle with... and pretty much everyone was talking about the same thing. The London bombings, the Mutant Registration Act, and what the hell this TransSpecies movement was really all about. Most of the keynote speakers gave points on very vague terms... odds were on the clear picture wouldn't come until Sublime himself spoke.

[[ Another event mingle log that was supposed to go up Friday. This is for everyone else besides the two that went to London to investigate the bombing ]]
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WHO: Everyone!
WHAT: Club Week is underway, and now we have booths set up for people to really recruit and get their ideas out there. Several NPC clubs have been set up as well. Plus, once again, if you want to get in on some X-Men team building, now's a great time for it.
WHERE: The school foyer
WHEN: Wednesday after classes
WARNING(S): None. If threads go into warning territory, please make a new post for their continuation

It's about halfway into the second week of school. People are already starting to form friendships, build social circles, and embrace student life on the Xavier campus. The faculty has set up several booths in the foyer after normal classes on Wednesday in order for students to centralize recruiting for their various interest groups. Some familiar names pop up, of course. "Anime Club", "Chess Club", "AV Club", "Soccer Club", "Glee Club", "GSA Club", "Bible Study Club" and others. It's a pretty inclusive school, after all, so why not have a broad representation of interests?

As classes let out, students are encouraged to look around, get involved, and otherwise put forth the foundation of their social lives for the school year. And of course, there's always people looking to put together teams for other purposes, too...

[[ ooc: Feel free to make top levels for your own groups, or just post open top levels with no specific group in mind ]]
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WHO: Elsa and Arturia
WHAT: Do you wanna build a club meeting?
WHERE: South Wing; Arturia's room
WHEN: September 9, evening

[Knock knock. On the evening of September 9th, Arturia will hear a repeated banging on her door. It probably goes on for longer than it absolutely should -- as if the knocker doesn't quite know how one is supposed to door-knock, and is going overboard perhaps without meaning to. On the other side is one rather nervous Elsa; this is pretty much her first-ever social call. After all, she's usually the one sitting on the inside of the door.]

[Still. Now is not the time for those thoughts. Elsa had an idea, for a club -- and though she'd spoken about it with Bridget, she wanted someone else to tell her it wasn't a terrible idea first. Arturia seemed like an honest young woman, and she was right next door, so the logical steps were obvious.]


[Did she need to call out? No, not really. But she wants to make quite sure Arturia hears her, if she's in there at all.]
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WHAT: Mingle/Figure out Room Assignments/Meet old friends again
WHERE: The whole campus.
WHEN: September 1st, 2018
WARNING(S): None. If anything goes into warning territory, please create a new log for it.

For all of the newcomers, welcome to Professor Xavier’s Institute of Higher Learning! For all of our returning students and staff, welcome back! Once Professor Xavier’s welcome speech wraps up, it’s time for everyone to get themselves situated in their dorms and, more importantly, get to know your fellow mutants! Even if you’re not sharing rooms, you’ll still be sharing the same campus with each other, so don’t be afraid to get used to all of those new faces! Or even catch up on old ones! You have options; don’t be afraid to use them.

[[ ooc: This is the general mingling post for all of our characters to get settled into their rooms, get to know each other, reminisce with old friends, all that jazz. The log will be split into multiple locations. ]]