May. 5th, 2015

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Who: Greg and Slayer (Krista if she wants to thread crash)
What: Getting the adviser for the X-team set up
Where: Slayer's office or wherever Greg can find him
When: backdated to before the prom, because someone using prom to campaign for student council totally would have been on top of something like this, right?
Warnings: "Lame" jokes

Greg headed off to find Slayer. Since he was adviser of Krista's club, and the club and the X-team were going to work as an overlapping unit, having the same adviser just made sense. If... the professor was willing.

Greg hadn't had any classes with him, so wasn't sure what he would be like, or quite how to address him, but that was part of what made it an adventure. Going from his information in the school directory, Greg went hunting.

He had his walking stick, but planned to use white fire as soon as he saw the teacher, so that he wouldn't need it. He didn't want to give another member of the faculty another excuse to tell him to sit down and slow down before he hurts himself. He was here to be helpful, blast it all, and helpful he would be.