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WHO: Yuuko Kanoe, Aki Narukami, and anyone else who wants to drop by!
WHAT: Yuuko and Aki are recruiting members for their new club!
WHERE: An empty classroom
WHEN: Monday, 12/8
WARNING(S): none

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WHO: What faculty and students are still left at campus during the holiday.
WHAT: A Thanksgiving dinner for the school.
WHERE: The dining hall
WHEN: Thanksgiving Day
WARNING(S): none

Logan preferred hockey to football, but it was on, so the bigscreen was left there while he and what faculty were left plated everything buffet style, with a stack of plates at the end of the line for students to pick up and gather what they wanted. And, of course, all dietary conditions were met by the variety of foods, thanks to Hank's thorough list he'd made. Logan, of course, looked a bit more grumpy about it since Ororo was gone to spend time with her family, leaving him behind to babysit the kids. At least that's how he thought of it. At least he was left in good company...

[[ Part 2! Pretty much all the Thanksgiving staples are accounted for, as well as alternative foods for characters with special diets. Mingle at will! ]]


Nov. 20th, 2014 03:20 am
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WHO: Kaito Wanijima, Open!
WHAT: Kaito training his abilities and Kaito thinking over things.
WHERE: Kaito's Classroom, The Staff Lounge.
WHEN: Today
WARNING(S): Language

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WHO: Naoto Shirogane - Open!
WHAT: A new student getting a feel for the school
WHERE: As much of the buildings and grounds as he can get to. Just let me know where!
WHEN: The weekend.
WARNING(S): None at the moment, other than Naoto being blunt and cranky.

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WHO: Eren & OPEN
WHAT: An angry young man about campus.
WHERE: The gym & the campus grounds; feel free to encounter him anywhere on campus as he explores.
WHEN: Today and into the weekend.
WARNING(S): N/A, will update if anything comes up.

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WHO: Everyone
WHAT: The news of the world, brought right to your school!
WHERE: On any television, radio, or computer screen (assuming they're on a news site)
WHEN: Today
WARNING(S): if a thread goes into warning label territory, either throw it in the subject line or take it to a separate log.

"... sweeping victories in both the House and Senate. Creed and his fellow Last Stand congressmen celebrated today, eager to begin the new legislation they promised in their collective campaign. Senator Creed enthusiastically exclaimed that the era of letting mutants go unchecked were finally going to come to an end..."

"... calling themselves the 'Mutant Liberation Front', or MLF, the campaign of vandalism and propaganda has been extensive in Europe and has started to appear in the United States and Canada as well. The MLF are most recognized by their tag sign of the double helix, along with the word LIBERATE. Most authorities are not incredibly concerned, as the group has been non-violent so far..."

"... as talks have broken down with Genosha. A special ambassador from the United States has been assigned to speak with Genosha on behalf of the US government, Gabrielle Haller, has stated that she will ensure that peace between the two nations will be assured. Haller and President Kelly left for Genosha this morning..."

"... Mutant Arts Council of Greater New York reported record setting turnout for their Halloween charity events in District X and are now focusing on their next seasonal event for the coming holidays. The Council is also looking for volunteers for District X soup kitchens for the winter months..."

"... making her the only platinum record seller in 2018. Industry analysts say that the hype that came as a result of Dazzler's coming out spiked the sales of her album well past anything else that's been release this year. Billboard expects "Mojoworld" to make the double platinum certification before the end of the year, with the Christmas shopping season approaching..."

"... projecting the coldest winter in the last twenty years for much of the United States. Certain voices outside the scientific community have gone from denying climate change to accepting it, under the caveat that climate change is now being blamed on possible mutant interference... "

[[ ooc: Students and teachers are free to start their own threads in this log in response to one or more of these news clips, or even to things related but not specifically posted here. ]]