Apr. 18th, 2015

aquawayfinder: (Never Give up)
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Who: Aqua and anyone who wanders into the open lounge
What: Aqua has been tasked to watch Romcoms. Thank you, Emma Frost.
Where: An open public lounge, since she has no clue how to work the DVD player on her computer.
When: Backdated - Middle of the day, April 7th
Warnings: Will add if needed.

Having been assigned by Emma to watch romantic comedies in order to potentially understand the point in having a date when she chaparones prom, Aqua has done what she has always done when facing a task at this school. She went to the library and took out research material.

Armed with every Romcom the school library had in stock, and wondering why the librarian had looked quite so amused, she found a lounge that no one was using and put in the first DVD. She turned on the player, and sat down to watch.

This... lasted a whole minute before she was up and pacing. She really didn't like sitting still. But... she reminded herself, this was a task, a challenge set before her. A skill to learn and master.

So she sat back down and worked on mastery as she watched, focusing both on the movie and the restraint to stay sitting.

Anyone want to come laugh at the confused look on her face?