HEAVY IS THE HEAD: Genosha Mission

WHO: Wolverine, Storm, and those who volunteered for the mission.
WHAT: It's time to meet the guy in the helmet and attempt to talk him out of starting WWIII
WHERE: The shores of Genosha, then onto Magneto's palace.
WHEN: Saturday Evening to Sunday Morning
WARNING(S): Could get violent.

It had been a long flight, with Storm's powers managing to create electric fields that jammed most tracking systems, but still had to park the Blackbird itself well away from the Genoshan coast, with a small jet boat being taken the rest of the way. It was a silent wonder as to how they had managed to get this close without alerting any of the local authorities, but Logan assured the team his man on the inside had them taken care of. They just had to put their faith in him. Which, putting faith in Wolverine was one thing, but in a total stranger? That was a bit more difficult to fathom...

Once the team arrived on a well protected cove, the boat was hidden under practical camouflage (as using Storm's powers to hide it in fog would just trip alarms. No-Girl, Martha, was left with the ship to shield it psychically if needed, and send a long range alert to Cerebro if something went wrong.

Wolverine took them up a steep, rocky hill, and to one of the walls of Genosha's government sanctums, the very one that house Magneto's steel palace, and they waited for their contact to arrive...


WHO: The students and staff remaining at the Institute, Dazzler, and the adoring public.
WHAT: A big, bright, shiny show to get everybody's attention!
WHERE: An outdoor auditorium set up on the campus grounds.
WHEN: Backdated to Saturday evening.
WARNING(S): None - warn in the headers and/or take it somewhere else if any threads go in unexpected directions!

[This was it - the moment of truth.]

[They'd set up a ton of seats in their makeshift outdoor auditorium, as many as they could, and between the students, the kids bussed in from District X, and the lucky few who'd managed to snag the other remaining tickets, just about all of them were filled. Here and there in the crowd, a flash bulb would go off now and then. All around the stage, a dozen different cameras were set up, ready to livestream the whole concert experience to anyone who wasn't lucky enough to make it. The excited whispers of the crowd, through the sheer number of them, had built up into a dull roar.]

[As the lights went up on her and her band, the crowd broke out into excited cheering. All eyes were on them -- and, for the sake of the mission, it was their job to keep them there.]

[Dazzler glanced for a moment to the other musicians on stage with her, then gave a bright, confident smile for the audience and the cameras.]

Never thought I'd be playing a show for my old alma mater like this... Hello, Xavier Institute! Hello, North Salem... Hello to everyone around the world joining us tonight!

[As the crowd roared their greetings in return, Dazzler gave a small nod to her fellow musicians on the stage, launching them without further ado into the first number on their set list.]

[It was time.]

[[OOC: This log is for all characters remaining at the Institute during Dazzler's concert! Feel free to mingle, play out your character contributing to the music or special effects, interact with the press, do security-related things, hang out and enjoy the show, or play out anything else that might be happening in the area at the time!]]

HEAVY IS THE HEAD: Concert prep [OPEN]

WHO: Dazzler and everyone who agreed to work the show.
WHAT: Getting ready for the show of a lifetime.
WHERE: Campus grounds, which are currently being converted into an outdoor auditorium
WHEN: Friday afternoon
WARNING(S): none

[The press was already starting to gather around the gates of the Institute, as were people camping out for good seats at the concert. At least seats that weren't going to those reserved for the young citizens of District X, whom thanks to a friend Flandre Scarlet had made during the Brotherhood battle, were getting full military escort and benefits. Plus, hey, Corporal Jessica Allen was a Dazzler fan, too.

In the vast courtyard, construction of the stage, seating, and ways to keep the audience warm were underway. It was doubly beneficial to have so many mutants working together for a good cause, as well as the endless tech of the Institute, helping things move along slowly. And plus they got to listen to Dazzler to her sound check.

Check check! ... Whoa, who designed this mic, I sound great! Er... I mean I always sound good, but this is even better!

[Workers were free to mingle, talk about their respective jobs, or get in a few last words with those who were going on the mission to Genosha tomorrow... It was gonna be a long day.]

HEAVY IS THE HEAD: Part Two, The Plan

WHO: Emma Frost and the rest of Xavier's Institute
WHAT: We all know something is up. Time to find out what
WHERE: Sub-levels, war room
WHEN: Late night, midweek
WARNING(S): none

"Come to me, x-darlings... The War Room."

[Once everyone was gathered, with Miss Frost, Principal Munroe, and Logan all standing before the crowd, it was time to get the meeting underway. Incredibly conspicuous by his absence was Professor Xavier... It was possible he was using Cerebro, but it was hard to ignore that he was gone from such an important meeting, passing briefing duties to Emma. Hmm...]

Sorry for keeping you up so late, darlings, but it's time you were all let in on what we know, and what we intend to do about it...

Firstly, it's impossible to ignore the fact that Genosha's aggression are acts of war. The official declaration of war, according to Dr. McCoy who has been in DC trying his best to stop this, is already on President Kelly's desk, waiting to be signed. Mutant ghettos have become police states, and Mutant Registration via executive order is possible... if not already happening...

[The situation was, to say the least, grim. Everything they had worked so hard over the last six years to stop seemed to be coming to head. Emma tried to keep grace in her tone, but it was obvious these were difficult truths to say, much less accept.]

Professor Xavier has insisted that it is not Magneto doing this. But we can no longer safely operate under that assumption. Lacking the ability to speak reason to our own government when US citizens are under threat... we have only one other course of action...

We're going to go pay Magneto himself a visit, and try to stop this war.

[That was Professor Munroe and Logan's cue to step forward. Professor Munroe was the one to speak.]

We need a team to accompany us to Genosha on an infiltration mission. Logan has a man on the inside who is going to help us get in, a sympathizer to our cause that some of you may even know, but haven't seen in some time. He will get us into the country, and into the central palace. There, we will find, and confront, Magneto and attempt to convince him to reverse this course of violent action, and more importantly find out why he has been inclined to do so.

This is an exceptionally dangerous mission. The Brotherhood are the Acoltye Elite, and will be likely be confronted in our path to Magneto. This will, therefore, be a volunteer situation... Only those who feel they can handle the stealth, and strength, requirements of this mission will be allowed to accompany us. We will not force anyone, regardless of their talents, to come.

[At some point, one of the gathered asked the question "But how are we going to sneak out of the country", but from the look on their face, they hadn't actually meant to say any of that, looking around. Emma, being Emma, smirked.]

Very good question, darling. While Storm and Wolverine take the blackbird, we have a friend here who is going to help us stage the world's most fabulous diversion tactic. You can come out now, darling...

[And out from one of the rear exists stepped.... Dazzler]

Hold your applause, darlings, Miss Blaire is here for a very important reason. You see, it just so happens she was in New York again for another benefit concert in District X. But not even someone of her fame and clout can get in there right now. So we have decided to host the world's greatest festival of mutant talent... Right here at the school.

It will be livestreamed globally. Everything is set up and ready to have the entire world watching our front steps, and our former X-man Dazzler over there, while Logan and Storm and our volunteer infiltrators sneak out the back door and safely on their way to Africa, using the Blackbird's jamming systems to evade the detection of the US military.

Well... any other questions?
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Light the Fires

Who: Everybody!
What: News from around the world, live and in full color.
Where: Anywhere with a television, radio, or computer screen
When: All week
Warning(s): If a thread goes into warning label territory, either throw it in the subject line or take it to a separate log.

"...passports and visas of mutant citizens have been frozen, effectively barring them from legitimately entering or leaving the United States. The U.S. Department of State has assured visa and passport holders that this is an emergency freeze, not cancellation, but outcry against this policy has been loud and immediate. The Department has refused to budge in this matter, citing concerns of national security..."

"...security at District X and other mutant enclaves throughout the country has dramatically increased, enforcing curfews and severely limiting travel. Crime reports have plunged, but complaints of abuse by authorities and excessive use of force have spiked. The National Guard has stated that these concerns are being investigated with due diligence..."

"...opponents have likened these measures to the Mutant Registration Act in all but name, enacted without going through legislative channels. Proponents have denied any connection to the MRA, instead reiterating that these measures were undertaken in the interests of national defense at the brink of open war..."

"...the New Years Eve celebrations in Times Square this year came amid heightened security, but no major incidents were reported. The crowds rang in the new year with a mixture of optimism and anxious hope for a better tomorrow..."

[[ ooc: News Mingle! Feel free to start your own threads in this log in response to one or more of these news clips, or even to things related but not specifically posted here. In addition, feel free to use the plotting post, even if your character won’t be participating in the infiltration mission!]]

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WHO: The Students and Faculty of the Xavier Institute
WHAT: Charity work in District X, but things are getting bad again
WHERE: District X
WHEN: Thanksgiving Weekend
WARNING(S): Violence, language, etc

So this was Christmas, and War was Not Over. The soup lines, this time, were alongside official Vaccine Centers, cures to the Legacy Virus being handed out alongside plates of hot food for the needy. Once more, winter was bleak in the world of mutants living in forced squalor. Attitudes were not particularly bright. People were no longer dying in the streets from illness, but were conditions really any better? War with Genosha was imminent. The National Guard was already standing post around the community, enforcing curfews, treating the area now more than ever like an internment community. Xavier's students were allowed to move around freely, but only with special ID badges that marked them as such. It was the same all over the country.

This wasn't Mutant Registration... it somehow felt worse. And it didn't help that the Mutant Liberation Front was still very active in the area, and many of them entirely blamed the X-Men for Renko's apparent 'death'. There were antagonistic forces around them, and desperate faces looking at them for some kind of hope. And if they couldn't get it there...

There were whispers, a lot of them, about fleeing to Genosha. About joining the MLF and working alongside Genosha for 'true' mutant liberation. About kickstarting this war on local soil. And really...

... was there anything the X-Men could do to stop it? Should they stop it?
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Drums in the Distance

Who: Everybody!
What: News from around the world, live and in full color.
Where: Anywhere with a television, radio, or computer screen
When: All week
Warning(s): If a thread goes into warning label territory, either throw it in the subject line or take it to a separate log.

"... once missing, former de facto leader of the Mutant Liberation Front, Claudine Renko, has now been officially declared deceased, her remains discovered by SHIELD officials during the arrest of Nathaniel Essex. The manhunt has been called off, with resources being used to expand the reach of aid for those affected by the Legacy Virus outbreak. The MLF has publicly stated they will hold a memorial service and demonstration for her in District X... "

"...President Kelly has established vaccination centers nationwide to distribute the cure to the public, free of charge, to the surprise of both supporters and opponents. Opponents have been quick to decry these centers as an unnecessary drain on public funding, while mutant rights supporters have brought up concerns of price gouging should the Legacy Virus cure remain in private hands..."

"...tensions between mutant and human communities are nevertheless on the rise, with many mutant enclaves accusing local governments of denying them access to much needed services during the outbreak or otherwise withholding vital resources. Mutant community leaders have pointed to the numerous electrical outages in District X, while the New York State Public Services Commission states such incidents are purely coincidental..."

"...unconfirmed reports that suspected members of the Mutant Liberation Front and the Friends of Humanity have been coming into direct and violent conflict and actively recruiting once more..."

"... sudden and unprovoked aggression from the Genoshan Acolyte Air Force, striking several military targets near the African and Middle Eastern coasts. All US diplomatic officials have been expelled from the island nation and peace negotiations have effectively ended. Concerns from leading experts all seem to say the same thing, that a Genoshan attack on US targets, or even on US soil, is inevitable. With the Legacy Virus Crisis taking up most US homeland resources, opponents of President Kelly have strongly questioned whether or not he will be able to effectively respond to Genosha's acts of war, or whether or not they are actively his fault..."

[[ ooc: News Mingle! Feel free to start your own threads in this log in response to one or more of these news clips, or even to things related but not specifically posted here.]]

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sunday studying [open]

WHO: Sandry & Open
WHAT: Studying
WHERE: Library
WHEN: Sunday afternoon

A couple months into her first semester at Xavier's, Sandry had mostly adjusted to her class load. Every once in a while though, Sunday would come and she'd find she still had a pile of homework to finish. When that happened, she took to the library in search of a more study-conducive environment. Having all sorts of books at an arm's length was merely a bonus.

Claiming a table near a set of windows so she could utilize the natural light, Sandry organized her homework into piles around her laptop. English in one, maths in another, science next to that, and finally history. As the afternoon wore on, she worked her way through each pile. Unlike some students however, she didn't spread her things all over the table, instead only taking up as much table as absolutely necessary.

Once she got to the history homework, she left the table to browse the shelves, needing extra resources for a report.
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Natural philosophy.

 WHO: Viti, Tenma, and Ken. 
WHAT: Viti using his power and science to enhance his teammates' powers
WHERE: A chemistry lab
WHEN: November 1st, 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm

Viti sat on a lab counter, next to a bunsen burner, and collection of beakers, his feet dangling far from the floor. He eyes peered up at the clock. He was sure Tenma would be joining him soon. His teams' faculty adviser was still recovering, but he and his teammates, could still take time to enhance themselves. At some point Viti wanted to train with them all at once. But not tonight. Tonight he wanted to meet with them individually, go over each of their powers. He hoped to meet Tenma at 6:00 pm, and Ken at 7:00pm, 

He had very big plans for them both. Very big. 

New Arrival~ [Backdated to earlier in the evening

WHO: Jarvis and Open
WHAT: Arriving at the school
WHERE: Courtyard and Main Entrance
WHEN: Early evening October 27th

Processing files... )

Eighth Trial - Keeping On Keeping On

WHO: Alric Caelegart and maybe you!
WHAT: DitL type things
WHERE: Wherever!
WHEN: Whenever throughout October, really!
WARNING(S): None expected

Prompts under the cut! )

Training with the Team.

Who: Oulan, Meiling, (Luvander, Eli can join if they want to at any time)
What: Training before the fight
When: Backdated to before the trip to the Savage Lands
Where: Le Room of Danger
Warnings: Uppercutting of Dragons

And lo let there be punching )
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WHO: Those who signed up for the punching dinosaurs Savage Lands mission
WHAT: Time to get a cure
WHERE: Savage Land Nature Preserve
WHEN: October 10th
WARNING(S): Violence, language, etc

The Blackbird was getting quite a bit of use, lately. It left the Institute early, before the sun was properly up—from there, it was a straight line from New York to Antarctica, with no stops between. The paperwork had been cleared, official permission granted for the team to enter an international wildlife reserve. There would be no scandalous headlines of border-crossing house parties this time, thank you very much.

The glasslike surface of the Antarctic Ocean stretched away endlessly beneath the plane, disappearing into a fog-clouded horizon.

They weren’t there quite yet.

But they would be soon.

Student Council Meeting: Memorial Plans

WHO: Alric Caelegart, Bridget Halford, Kaguya Houraisan, Krista Lenz, Ken Amada
WHAT: Memorial plans
WHERE: Empty classroom
WHEN: Early September, days after the mission, but I suck and just got to it now
WARNING(S): None expected

It was only a few days after the end of the riots, the mission to retrieve fleeing students, and the death of Nightcrawler, when Alric called together the student council to discuss their response. In his email to them, the main question he had in mind to discuss: what could they, as the student council, arrange in the vein of a memorial to those who were lost to the illness? Something they could give to the students as a project in which to participate, to focus their energies, and to come together as a community.

As usual, he arrived early, shortly after the end of classes, and set out light snacks for the council members, organizing his thoughts as he waited for them.
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(no subject)

 WHO: Aqua, Viti, and hopefully people from Weenie squad. 

WHAT: A get better party
WHERE: Outside.
WHEN: October 4th
WARNING(S): Should be none.

Viti had a backpack and carried a heavy pot in his arms, it’s cold surface causing him to let out occasional shivers. He looked to his left and his right. He encountered passers by asking if they had seen professor Aqua. The girl and the boy shook their heads, apologizing.  He circled the mansion, until he finally found professor Aqua.

“Professor Aqua!” He declared. Panting, he ran accrossed the field  up to Aqua. “I heard about the fight with Zancrow, and that you’re still sick. I hope you’re ok and I brought a get well pre…aaaaaahhh!...”

Viti tripped on a rock forcing him to thrust his giant pot of Vanilla pudding, with bananas, into the air. 

I'll put you to sleep at night/Like a foreign movie/I'll sing you lullabies [OPEN]

WHO: Liir and you
WHAT: Noone mourns the wicked, but they sure do make hilaribad propaganda/action movies out of them
WHERE: Common room, late at night
WHEN: Sunday night
WARNING(S): "Now I'm gonna drop a house on your ass!" will probably be said

And I'll teach you about everything/And I only ask one thing/Please save me )

Breathe in, Breathe out

WHO: Tenma and any wanderers
WHAT: Inazuma Eleven GO 4: Soccer through the Night soccer and distractions
WHERE: The field by the basketball courts
WHEN: Sunset, September 30th
WARNING(S): Absolutely no one is desperate

Before the spooky things begin, he needs to get his bearings together )

Decoding [OPEN]

WHO: Students and staff of Xavier’s Institute
WHAT: Scanning some paper that may or may not have information leading to a proper cure
WHERE: One of the library’s computer labs
WHEN: After the recovery team’s return
WARNING(S): Papercuts and swearing

The notes taken from the Essex mansion could fill two rooms of printer boxes, and still be spilling out the door. The paper was old, but at least not crumbling; the pages were still easy to handle, provided it was done so with care. These were documents of some historical importance, if only from where they came from. Digitizing them for better preservation was part of a hastily drawn up agreement for removing the documents from the mansion to keep nationalistic curators quiet.

The pages were written in a simple Roman substitution cipher; easy enough to crack in the modern day even for students, and especially when scanned in and uploaded to a server where it could all be done electronically. McCoy’s lab could have done it faster, of course—but they were otherwise occupied at the time, with their resources better spent elsewhere. The documents couldn’t very well leave the Institute, after the price of getting them here—so instead, the task was advertised to the students and employees.

Mostly it was tedious busywork, and not at all mandatory. Volunteers could show up and stay for as long or little as they liked, and rewarded with community service hours depending on the duration. The only stipulation was not to take the notes out of the room.

With many hands, the work should be finished relatively quickly at least.

((OOC: The mod account may appear if something important comes up, but otherwise players can do what they wish here.))

The Return

Who: Oulan and you
What: Returning to school
Where: The front lawn
When: The Afternoon of the 24th
Warnings: None, will update if necessary

[She had been gone for weeks, but really, there was no way she was going to say no to being able to work for the woman she had had a crush on for years. I mean who says no to being asked to protect Dazzler After a show. With a new look and rejuvenated attitude Oulan watches the walls of the school come up as the car drives up to the front.

Her hair cut short outside of the mohawk on her head and the bangs falling over her forehead, a nice pair of jeans and a sweet leather jacket. It was a look she hadn't had since college but when you are working a tour with freaking Dazzler, you can finally take the opportunity to go back to who you were when you were really happy and for the first time in a long time, she was again. Even with all that had been going on, taking the time to pull herself together, surrounding herself with music she loved, and doing what she loved, had brought her back]

It's good to be back.
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Duty never calls.

 Who: Gregory Deegan and Viti DeFalco. Other people who want to help rebuild District-X I suppose. 

What: Viti and Greg talk about stuff while cleaning up District-X.

Where: In the ruins of District-X

When: Back dated to the day after the recovery team and runaways have come home.

Warnings: Swearing. Lots of swearing.


Viti swept up bits of broken glass and sheet rock, and dumped it into a wheel barrel, all to the noise of bachoes, which did the job better. His fingers smelt like ash, his face had accumulated lines of soot. Many other people worked, but Viti had found his own little corner of District-X to clean up, so that the nearest person was fifty feet away.

Viti’s heavy head looked down at the broken street, until the loud cry of a low flying jet forced him to glance up at the sky. Viti recognized the black-bird and scoffed. He lifted his smart phone out of his hoodie pocket, typed a few buttons, and sent a text.

He leaned back down over his broom with a grumble. The sun had risen a two hours ago. Viti hopped to meet Gregory before it sank.