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WHO: Sandry & Open
WHAT: Studying
WHERE: Library
WHEN: Sunday afternoon

A couple months into her first semester at Xavier's, Sandry had mostly adjusted to her class load. Every once in a while though, Sunday would come and she'd find she still had a pile of homework to finish. When that happened, she took to the library in search of a more study-conducive environment. Having all sorts of books at an arm's length was merely a bonus.

Claiming a table near a set of windows so she could utilize the natural light, Sandry organized her homework into piles around her laptop. English in one, maths in another, science next to that, and finally history. As the afternoon wore on, she worked her way through each pile. Unlike some students however, she didn't spread her things all over the table, instead only taking up as much table as absolutely necessary.

Once she got to the history homework, she left the table to browse the shelves, needing extra resources for a report.
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Who: Everybody!
What: News from around the world, live and in full color. 
Where: Anywhere with a television, radio, or computer screen
When: All week
Warning(s): If a thread goes into warning label territory, either throw it in the subject line or take it to a separate log.

"...reported sightings of the fugitive mutant supremacist leader Claudine Renko remain unsubstantiated. A S.H.I.E.L.D. spokesperson assured the press that all plausible leads are being investigated, but declined to comment on her most likely whereabouts. Anonymous sources have sent News 10 the following photos, showing Renko or someone bearing a strong resemblance to her in a Mexico City cafe, and later in an airport near Cape Town, South Africa, leading to widespread speculation that she's on her way to Genosha. Anyone with knowledge of her whereabouts is again encouraged to contact..."
"...team of medical experts working alongside the Xavier Institute's Henry McCoy have put forth that the disease exclusively affects people with active X-genes -- in other words, mutants. While it has continued to spread like wildfire through District X and other mutant enclaves, no related cases have been confirmed among baseline humans. With the death toll at home rising and new cases beginning to be reported around the world, a travel advisory has been put out discouraging mutants from traveling overseas in hopes of slowing the disease's spread..."
"...Travel restrictions to the notoriously closed-off country of Genosha have been tightened even further in light of the mysterious virus affecting mutants around the world. In a personal statement, Magneto stressed that since the concentrated mutant population in Genosha puts them at greater risk from this disease, 'measures must be taken to prevent any contamination within Genosha's borders'. Many high-ranking Genoshan diplomats have gone further and offered their condolences to the families affected by the disease, as well as applauding President Kelly's executive decision to channel funding towards treatment and research of the disease. A number of Genoshan doctors and scientists have left the country to collaborate with the researchers studying the virus..."
"...vigils held around the country this weekend in memory of the virus's victims..."
"...meteorologists scratching their heads about the sudden storm near an Appalachian town in southern Virginia last week, where record levels of rainfall caused flash flooding and mudslides. Other nearby towns were completely unaffected, and experts say that the prevailing weather conditions don't line up with such a dramatic downpour..."
"...Senator Graydon Creed appealed to his major constituents during last night's primary debate with his usual hard line on social issues and mutants in particular. However, businessman Norman Osbourne has risen in the polls after claiming that Creed's proposed policies, including the Mutant Registration bill being debated in the House, don't go far enough. Osbourne promised that, if elected, he'll introduce legislation aimed at deporting all mutant foreign nationals to their home countries, drawing applause from the debate's live audience and an outcry from leaders of the mutant refugee community..."

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Who: Rhia and anyone out and about
What: Yet another game of Rhia ball
Where: Outside the mansion, but on the grounds
When: Early morning to mid-afternoon every day of August (Unless something comes up)
Warnings: Shouldn't be any
Rating: G

Rhia had no clue what was going on, that people were sick. She didn't follow the news, didn't use the cellphone thing she was given, and never went into the building... so... she had no clue. She was thinking about what Alric and Viti had said, though. But deep thoughts were for night time. Mornings were for fun. So She was swinging through tree banches, racing with the wind... and playing a whole lot of Rhiaball.

For those who have never seen her playing this game, it mostly consisted of Rhia - who looked like she was part tree herself with brown skin, brown hair, and green clothing made of leaves and vines - curled in a ball as the trees happily threw her from tree to tree in the canopy.

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Who: Anyone and everyone
What: Another news update, coming to you live! 
Where: On any television, radio, or computer screen
When: All week
Warning(s): If a thread goes into warning label territory, either throw it in the subject line or take it to a separate log.

"...An explosion rocked a New York apartment complex today leaving 3 dead and 12 injured. Authorities are still investigating the cause of the blast which originated in a third story apartment. Survivors are reporting having seen a blinding light before the explosion leading to speculation that it could have been..."

"...Concert in central park was a rousing success as thousands of mutants and humans alike came together for the 2 hour spectacular. When asked what was next Dazzler said she'd be sticking in New York for a while to work on her new album before heading back on tour..."

"...First fatalities have been reported from the virus sweeping through the mutant population of District X. Heath officials are working alongside Dr. Henry McCoy on tracking the virus which still hasn't spread outside the Mutant population..."

"...Receiving reports of Claudine Renko through Canada and the United States. None of these reports have been corroborated and authorities are still asking people to report any sightings and..."

"...Repairs have completed at Xavier's Institute for Higher learning after the incident in May. Not much is known about what happened but proponents of the Mutant Registration Act have been using it as an example to push the legislation. When reached for comment Senator Graydon Creed responded stating a worry that if this was what happened in their own neighborhood that you should imagine what could happen in yours..."

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WHO: Sandry and OPEN
WHAT: Settling in and exploring
WHERE: Around the school and grounds, eventually the Rec Room
WHEN: Monday afternoon

After spending the morning getting her belongings unpacked and her room decorated, Sandry decided to use the rest of the day to look around. She quietly walked through the school, looking around all of the student-accessible areas before heading outside to look at the grounds. When her feet finally started to feel tired, she headed back inside. Collecting her sewing basket from her dorm, she went to the rec room she'd spotted earlier in the day to curl up in an armchair.

Light brown hair plaited down one shoulder and cornflower blue eyes fixed on her current project, Sandry set to work finishing up a plush lop-eared rabbit. It was about eight inches long and made from a white polka dotted pink cotton fabric with green and pink plaid on the paws and ears. All that was left was embroidering on the face.

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